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or taking another sacrament and blaspheming it

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Again, as a general rule, fuck magic

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I don't suppose Jews could be sacrificed to power it instead?

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you might as well just kill jews and be done with it sans magic at that point

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idk, I just find something satisfying in turning their own weapon back around on them

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Black magic you say? 🤔🤔🤔

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do you know how many babies he had to sacrifice to make himself smile

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I'm at work now, I'll listen when I get off. Thanks

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I just had a funny mental image of a golem smashing jews

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@Hadrian The prayer of a righteous man is much more effective than magic. This is why Jews want to push degeneracy on us.

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anybody have details on the michigan event?

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Orthodoxy > Satanism

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I've only heard vague references to it

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The host is Jamaican, and the only ones they interview about the racist "fake skinheads" are sharps

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Is that like the reggae skinheads?

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the "original/traditional skinheads"

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and the racist ones "corrupted it" because skinhead culture was all about multiculturalism

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I saw a doc on that

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I was like... gayyy!

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its pretty gay

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I watched the whole thing

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“We just love music. Fuck our folk.” - traditional skins

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“We love music and our folk.” - us

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Wtf. Watching it now. Heimbach says it's true. Fucking gay.

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Oh it’s true haha

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They suck

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The culture moved on and morphed into something completely different

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The ones in the 60s have no claim on what "skinhead" means now

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their culture is entirely separate and pretty gay

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Other than some of the fashion, there is literally nothing similar. You’re right there.

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Salt the earth, snail war now