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2017-12-14 19:16:29 UTC  

Everybody who isn't us needs something drastic to snap them out of their nhilism

2017-12-14 19:16:40 UTC  

it's not like my dad is any different

2017-12-14 19:16:46 UTC  

I hope he gets robbed by a nigger

2017-12-14 19:16:50 UTC  

yep, they turn racist temporarily when chimpouts happen

2017-12-14 19:17:08 UTC  

Yeah he'll complain to me every time he has to work with a nog

2017-12-14 19:17:12 UTC  

my dad was a cop in cleveland and did the whole "whoa, I've got black friends" thing

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2017-12-14 19:17:18 UTC  

But then when ***I*** start being racist I get judged about it

2017-12-14 19:17:31 UTC  

Well yeah, old people feel like they outrank you

2017-12-14 19:18:08 UTC  

hence hypocrisy is okay because they stomped on dirt for longer than you did

2017-12-14 19:18:21 UTC  

Not all old people, just normie old people

2017-12-14 19:18:50 UTC  

this old fucker whose car I was towing was full on cucked

2017-12-14 19:18:58 UTC  

Old people in the movement respect me, old normies need gassed

2017-12-14 19:19:53 UTC  

Him: * says racist thing *
Me: I agree
Him: whoa, I'm not racist. My daughter's kid's dad is black

2017-12-14 19:23:00 UTC  

I wonder what America is going to be like when X completely takes over for boomers

2017-12-14 19:23:41 UTC  

Gen X isn't as bad as the boomers

2017-12-14 19:23:42 UTC  

Things have to worse before they can get better

2017-12-14 19:24:02 UTC  

They're disaffected and often nihilistic. Known for being slackers.

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They'd let the world burn around them so long as it didn't affect them.

2017-12-14 19:24:20 UTC  

The most lemming out of all gens

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2017-12-14 19:25:41 UTC  

I still feel optimistic about my gen even though it's the most PC.

2017-12-14 19:25:57 UTC  

They're motivated at least.

2017-12-14 19:26:27 UTC  

post-conversion they could be very useful if motivated for other causes

2017-12-14 19:29:55 UTC  

My complaint about Gen Zers is that they always ask me to buy alcohol when I hang out with them

2017-12-14 19:32:07 UTC  

uh oh

2017-12-14 19:32:25 UTC  

No worries, I obey the law.

2017-12-14 19:32:30 UTC  

alcoholism is degenerate

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due to that personal anecdote, official policy is to treat all gen z as feds lmao

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Cursed Alt-Lite images

2017-12-14 19:34:30 UTC  

Guy is such a clown

2017-12-14 19:35:06 UTC  

cue KekistaniKike.png

2017-12-14 19:35:24 UTC  

I like to drink

2017-12-14 19:35:34 UTC  

It's all about moderation

2017-12-14 19:35:45 UTC  

me too, just not at events

2017-12-14 19:36:02 UTC  

No respect for people who cant not get shitfaced