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@everyone **R A R E** picture of Kavanaugh's accuser at age 15

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@everyone good morning. is the leader of 4chan among us?

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@everyone ding dong your phone is ringing πŸ“’πŸ“’πŸ“’

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@everyone <:npc:500039251778338827>

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The BBC interview Sargon talked about

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According to the latest update to the ToS if you are a US citizen you will not be able to file a lawsuit or a class action lawsuit against Discord. You will have to go through an arbitrator if you have a legal issue with Discord. This is due to a US Supreme Court ruling.

However, there is an **opt-out for the clause**, in which you must email something like "*I'd like to opt out*" to __**[email protected]**__, but you must **do it within 30 days** or you can no longer opt-out. According to Discord if you opt-out your account will not be deleted and you will not lose access to any features.

*People in Europe and possibly other places are not affected by this.*

Go here if you want to read more about this: <> (Make sure to read the comments too.)

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@everyone If you were supporting anyone on Makersupport and did not remove your account before the site shut down. Check your bank statements. They may still be charging you.

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@everyone NATE SILVER ROUND 2?

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9 year old mods

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@everyone happy weekend

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@everyone Sargons Patreon has been removed. As soon as more information is known there will be another announcement.

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@everyone <#375390170716831755> updated with

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well Patreon responded to the Sargon suspention @everyone
Get you popcorn ready because this is going to be a shitshow

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This is legit

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get to it

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@everyone Please help out an ex-Muslim. Even just a tweet or spreading this link would be greatly appreciated.

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@Fitzydog H A S D O N E H I S S E R V I C E A N D E A R N E D H I S **C I T I Z E N S H I P**

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Oi lads we gots another copy pasta

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@here watch party in <#372508124436758528>

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@everyone FYI I had nothing to do with Subverse (Tim Pool's discord) being deleted. I woke up and it was just gone, with no communication about it or anything. F to pay respects

2019-03-15 17:55:28 UTC  

Discord may be banning servers with content from the recent shooting in NZ. Do not share any video, pictures, documents, or other material from the attack.

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Hi everyone, it's been a good run. I'm not closing down the server, just bringing my activity to almost zero and moving ownership to an alt account. I have too many important things to me on this account I don't want to loose if the server gets nuked. I also need to focus on more important IRL responsibilities and projects. I'll still be around if anything goes awry. You can always message the mods who should have quick contact with me as I wont check the alt account often. I may be around from time to time but otherwise, its really been one hell of a run.


2019-05-10 19:24:36 UTC  

I'm back bitches 😎

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I just wont be active too much

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Sargon telegram channel.