Message from Justin Burger (Major-GA) in tradworker #tradworker

2017-11-01 23:10:15 UTC  

Lol 😂

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2017-11-01 23:10:54 UTC  

I kinda wish klan / NSM guys would just join TWP in a way

2017-11-01 23:11:15 UTC  

You'd look more uniform at rallies for one, less baggage of an old label like that

2017-11-01 23:11:20 UTC  

Same, the Klan has a cool history, but they are dead and should move on.

2017-11-01 23:11:24 UTC  

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) I know that feeling. Only 5'6

2017-11-01 23:11:48 UTC  

Aren’t some of the KKK members also TWP members

2017-11-01 23:11:55 UTC  


2017-11-01 23:12:01 UTC  

I mean the Golden Dawn has guys in uniform there.

2017-11-01 23:12:14 UTC  

I dont think TWP allows dual membership.

2017-11-01 23:12:17 UTC  

I know there are TWP members that are also manners of other orgs being TWP is a political party

2017-11-01 23:12:19 UTC  

I imagine that logistics of planning these events would be easier if we were all under one banner

2017-11-01 23:12:31 UTC  

TWP does allow dual membership, as I recall

2017-11-01 23:12:39 UTC  

Asked Heimbach about that a while back

2017-11-01 23:12:42 UTC  

See check those guys out in the background

2017-11-01 23:13:04 UTC  

I know Heimbach met with their leader.

2017-11-01 23:13:07 UTC  

Holy cow, look at those bad optics

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2017-11-01 23:13:19 UTC  

He also met with the leader of the massive Russian Fascist movement.

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2017-11-01 23:13:29 UTC  

Gay AF tbh

2017-11-01 23:13:29 UTC  

There optics are good, they'er also not klansman SERG HERRLIN.

2017-11-01 23:13:35 UTC  

Wow what larping, they're actually giving a speech!

2017-11-01 23:13:36 UTC  

I'm only 5'10 I feel for you fellow shortbros

2017-11-01 23:13:37 UTC  

But the NF will never be in the same uniforms being LOS and VA will never use our uniforms

2017-11-01 23:14:01 UTC  

LOS Has good uniforms, they're fine.

2017-11-01 23:14:10 UTC  

It's literally the handful of 1.0's that show up.

2017-11-01 23:14:23 UTC  

Yes. We must address this.

2017-11-01 23:14:23 UTC  

LOS is alright yeah

2017-11-01 23:14:24 UTC  

New party idea: The Traditional Klux Vanguard of the South

2017-11-01 23:14:24 UTC  

I was hopping VA wood merge with us but that doesn’t seem to be happening now

2017-11-01 23:14:29 UTC  

The 1.0 Question.

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2017-11-01 23:14:44 UTC  

Not sure if you necessarily could combine the two anyways, as LOS has different goals from TWP

2017-11-01 23:14:49 UTC  

I call 'em 1.5s, personally

2017-11-01 23:14:59 UTC  

@HueTheHand that would be pretty based

2017-11-01 23:14:59 UTC  

1.0 brings to mind the Pierce era

2017-11-01 23:15:03 UTC  

They need to get with our look and standard or stay home. It would be better to have less men, in uniform and look good and be fit, than more with these guys.

2017-11-01 23:15:04 UTC  

which they certainly are not