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Never in your life?

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Before I became redpilled I might've

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i want to know why he considers sodomy between consenting adults (something i consider morally reprehsible) to be fine, but bantering about asses is just fine. i want to know, otherwise it seems like hypocrisy

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Jesus, where am I.

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i base my beliefs on what is socially harmful. Goebbels was right, but i believe you're misinterpreting him

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Do I even have to dignity asking why sodomy isn't equal to heterosexuality with a response?

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you're implying you don't have a response. my response is that both are bad because both are psychologically unhealthy

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Do you have a sexuality?

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Elaborate why thicc girls equal sodomy.

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Do you know where white babies come from?

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White babies come from the stork fam.

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Tfw to intelligent

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For booty

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Ugh, you fucking apes, I have evolved above mere animalistic physical needs. Hahha...hah....

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homosexuality is wrong because of its social impact. So too is premarital sex and sexualizing women unnecissarily

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if it's so easy to prove me wrong, do it concisely and right now. explain why homos are bad but this is not bad. Explain why sex before marriage, or polygamy, or numerous sex partners is bad for society but not fostering those thoughts with images like that

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>So too is premarital sex and sexualizing women unnecissarily
"Are we living in a pietistic state, or in the age of life-affirming National Socialism?

No one can suspect us of wanting to live lives of ostentation or luxury. The Führer and many of his close comrades neither smoke nor drink nor enjoy sumptuous living. Those, however, who want to rob a nation of sixty million of every pleasure and all traces of optimism are contemptible, entirely aside from the fact that their foolish desires would drive countless people into poverty and misery."
- Goebbels

"Only a few years ago illegitimate children were considered a shameful matter. In defiance of the existing laws I have systematically influenced the SS to consider children, irrespective of illegality or otherwise, the most beautiful, and best thing there is. The results - today my men tell me with shining eyes that an illegitimate son has been born to them. Their girls consider it an honour, not a source of shame, in spite of existing legal circumstances." - Heinrich Himmler, to Felix Kersten on Lebensborn

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I'm not telling you to get kids out of wedlock but cumon lol

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And yet men are designed to have these thoughts, and we're social creatures

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If homosexuality is bad only because of social impact wouldn't modern homosexuality be just fine as it is socially acceptable.

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no, because modern society is unacceptable

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it's objectively amoral

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Women sexualize themselves unnecessarily

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Not the other way around

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Well yes women are whores

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and i don't think we should indulge in it

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But we shouldn't encourage them

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you are saying that if i maintain a moral stance on sexuality that i'm throwing the baby out with the bathwater

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That's much easier said than done, we go all primal mode seeing a thot

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I don't

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Hey, I'm the victim here, I got a thicc ass shoved into my face.

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I'm physically repulsed by whores

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then you're no better than a homosexual who ignores the spiritual reality of sexuality

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@CatoHostilius you know your experience isn't the norm, right?

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