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I take it you're not a big fan of NSBM and the like.

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i'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here. i'm saying that these behaviors are neither the best nor the most socially healthy. Encouraging licentiousness in any capacity is just as bad as seemingly "normal" homosexuals doing their thing. It's not healthy. No that's not really my genre of music. i prefer anthems, marches, and some power metal but that's really it

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How old are you, completely out of curiosity.

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Shit man, I would have guessed 40 or something.

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What does licentiousness have to do with NSBM though.

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You can be a Nazi and have fun and bants around. You don't have to be a social void.

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i'll be impressed if you can explain how sharing pictures of goth "Nazi" girls and hypersexualizing them is somehow more wholesome than blue hair and someone saying "vote yes!" to the australian plebiscite or whatever it is (my point is that the latter is *not wholesome*, but normies can't see how it's not wholesome because they think it's all based on "love" and "pleasure" and "it doesn't hurt anybody")

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Yeah I'm all for having fun however there is a lot I just can't take seriously

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Gotta draw a line between movement and subculture

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i don't think sharing pictures of girl's behinds is what would have been tolerated in NS Germany. It isn't even a representation of normal sexuality, but a subculture. i think it's hypocritical to call out the homosexuals who otherwise act relatively normal and then share "goth" girls covered in tattoos. it oozed judaism

2017-10-02 22:24:33 UTC  

It doesn't really have anything to do with the genre, hell, even WLP promoted NSBM. Sharing pics doesn't make a sodomite, lmao dude. I don't know what you do with friends, but you gotta have some life outside of politics, and this is what guys bantz about among themselves, except maybe in some high falutin aristocratic larp session.

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And I really love you brought that up.

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why's sodomy bad in your opinion?

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I don't talk about women's asses with my friends

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I didn't come here to bantz

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"Things have gone so far that this company of moralists does not stop at the borders of private life. They would love to establish purity committees in cities and the countryside that would keep on eye on Müller’s and Schulze’s love and marriage life. It is true that they do not want to go so far as to ban kissing altogehter, as in the familiar operetta, since it is too popular a pastime. If it were up to them, however, they would turn National Socialist Germany into a wasteland of muttering and complaining, a place where denunciation, spying, and extortion were the order of the day.

These same moralists often turn to government offices with the request to ban films, plays, operas, and operettas, since the dancers, stars, etc., apparently represent a grave danger to public decency. If we gave in to their demands, we should soon see only old ladies and men on the screen or the stage. The theaters would be empty, since the public generally does not attend them to see the same people they see in church or old people’s homes.

Save us from these hypocritical creatures who have no genuine strong conception of life, and who in reality preach no honest morality. They generally are life’s losers, protesting life itself. Eternal life and its laws will hardly make way for them; at most, they will hide behind a screen of contemptible hypocrisy and dishonest prudery."
- Joseph Goebbels

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@CatoHostilius Honestly, never?

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Never in your life?

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Before I became redpilled I might've

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i want to know why he considers sodomy between consenting adults (something i consider morally reprehsible) to be fine, but bantering about asses is just fine. i want to know, otherwise it seems like hypocrisy

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Jesus, where am I.

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i base my beliefs on what is socially harmful. Goebbels was right, but i believe you're misinterpreting him

2017-10-02 22:27:26 UTC  

Do I even have to dignity asking why sodomy isn't equal to heterosexuality with a response?

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you're implying you don't have a response. my response is that both are bad because both are psychologically unhealthy

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Do you have a sexuality?

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Elaborate why thicc girls equal sodomy.

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Do you know where white babies come from?

2017-10-02 22:28:55 UTC  

White babies come from the stork fam.

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Tfw to intelligent

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For booty

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Ugh, you fucking apes, I have evolved above mere animalistic physical needs. Hahha...hah....

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homosexuality is wrong because of its social impact. So too is premarital sex and sexualizing women unnecissarily

2017-10-02 22:30:27 UTC  

if it's so easy to prove me wrong, do it concisely and right now. explain why homos are bad but this is not bad. Explain why sex before marriage, or polygamy, or numerous sex partners is bad for society but not fostering those thoughts with images like that

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>So too is premarital sex and sexualizing women unnecissarily
"Are we living in a pietistic state, or in the age of life-affirming National Socialism?

No one can suspect us of wanting to live lives of ostentation or luxury. The Führer and many of his close comrades neither smoke nor drink nor enjoy sumptuous living. Those, however, who want to rob a nation of sixty million of every pleasure and all traces of optimism are contemptible, entirely aside from the fact that their foolish desires would drive countless people into poverty and misery."
- Goebbels

"Only a few years ago illegitimate children were considered a shameful matter. In defiance of the existing laws I have systematically influenced the SS to consider children, irrespective of illegality or otherwise, the most beautiful, and best thing there is. The results - today my men tell me with shining eyes that an illegitimate son has been born to them. Their girls consider it an honour, not a source of shame, in spite of existing legal circumstances." - Heinrich Himmler, to Felix Kersten on Lebensborn