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Good ol (((Feminist snowflakes))) and their universal cognitive dissonance. Ahahahaha To hate men so much, it's amazing how so many try to look like us and or spend thousands in surgery to try to become us. Good work kamerad

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I like this Lee Rogers quote from an article he wrote recently, which is posted on the Daily Stormer.

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"Young White women on the other hand have largely rejected their natural role to raise children and be mothers. They've bought into this insane idea that they should pursue a career while spending their prime birthing years trying to be an inferior version of a man."

2017-06-16 21:11:57 UTC  

"...independently miserable, independently useless and independently insane"

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He hit the nail on the head. Excellent quote.

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Sadly, we see alot of young white males who have became inferior versions of women. Dependent , hedonistic, emotionally and socially feminized, as well as physically weak

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Dudes that act like snobby chicks with rich husbands and dudes with the emotional disposition of teenage girls

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Trying to hook up their phones to the aux cord in peoples cars just to jam and sing along with breathy feminine voices to negro mating music

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Yeah I call out white knights constantly on the stormer

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I liked that article a lot too

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Heil brother Tom.

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The dating apps are riddled with 32 year old women still "looking to have fun"

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But nothing serious

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Hahahahaha! * 32 year thot takes selfie with snap chat filter enhancement in car on the way to the std clinic *

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The stormer has really changed how I think about women, such a great website for men to read

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As we build local communities and become a dominant social force, itll solve a lot of these issues

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women crave security for them and their kids, which biologically makes total sense

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And of course, community

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as we create strong men to form a financial and physical space for ourselves, women, and our kids; itll attract women

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As Hitler said "If the man's world is said to be the State, his struggle, his readiness to devote his powers to the service of the community, then it may perhaps be said that the woman's is a smaller world. For her world is her husband, her family, her children, and her home. But what would become of the greater world if there were no one to tend and care for the smaller one? How could the greater world survive if there were no one to make the cares of the smaller world the content of their lives? No, the greater world is built on the foundation of this smaller world. This great world cannot survive if the smaller world is not stable. Providence has entrusted to the woman the cares of that world which is her very own, and only on the basis of this smaller world can the man's world be formed and built up. The two worlds are not antagonistic. They complement each other, they belong together just as man and woman belong together."

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We must create the greater world, so that the smaller world can survive and thrive

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But each role is equal in value, just different spheres

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The whole point of feminism is to undermine the family structure and weaken our race. Our great-grandmothers maybe just wanted to be able to keep the farm after their husband's died and "vote" in elections, but they had no idea of the disastrous implications of sending women into the workplace. Men have lower wages and our children spend the day in indoctrination camps. Ugly world we live in.

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We need to get out from under the Jewish influence.

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Amen Mr. Chairman. If more white men would get in shape , educate themselves , and become more masculine , then it would diminish miscegenation. Adolf Hitler accomplished this and proudly presented his achievement stating "German Women, I present to you the German Man"

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The phenomenon of the "beta male" is a direct result of feminism. If you are encouraged to marry a male that will "allow" or encourage feminist behavior, then such men will breed exponentially. Hence: the autism epidemic. Strong white men are the last living connection to the gods. Their connection to the living God is the true and last privilege of the white race.

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(Stepping off the soap box now)

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We need to hold each other accountable

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Men need to be real men
Women need to be real women

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We cant have one and forget about the other

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Heil Heimbach

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For sure

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All day errday up in da Illinoiz

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I've been watching those videos everyday when I wake up @AltCelt(IL)

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They are motivating as hell