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2016-11-15 15:49:14 UTC  

no brahmin?

2016-11-15 15:49:31 UTC  


2016-11-15 15:49:40 UTC  

What about dogs?

2016-11-15 15:49:42 UTC  

you go to the meat market, and they only sell the shitty parts of the cow - and they are all bad quality. but they cut up the cow..where the fuck did the good peices go?

2016-11-15 15:49:49 UTC  

why cant i find them?

2016-11-15 15:49:55 UTC  

the beef is prepared differently and their cows are genetically different from what you're used to

2016-11-15 15:50:06 UTC  

Dropshipping MEAT

2016-11-15 15:50:07 UTC  

learn to love tendon and sinew

2016-11-15 15:50:12 UTC  

people in the deep south eat dog in the winter, 90% of china despises it

2016-11-15 15:50:21 UTC  

i do enjoy the shit parts, but sometimes i just want a steak

2016-11-15 15:50:29 UTC  

im from Texas, USA - so beef is everywhere

2016-11-15 15:50:56 UTC  

i went to hong kong last month on vacation

2016-11-15 15:51:04 UTC  

and i actually went to a fucking outback steakhouse and ate a steak

2016-11-15 15:51:08 UTC  

i don't think that's gonna happen broseph; i went to a few "streakhouses" back then but they don't even know how to prep steak when they have good quality meat. you're gonna have to go to a coastal city and pay insane prices for it

2016-11-15 15:51:31 UTC  

they insist on cornstarching beef

2016-11-15 15:51:43 UTC  

to break down the proteins to make everything tender

2016-11-15 15:51:46 UTC  

Do people wear a lot of fake designer clothes?

2016-11-15 15:51:53 UTC  

but that sucks because it destroys steak

2016-11-15 15:51:57 UTC  


2016-11-15 15:52:03 UTC  

People in china are poor

2016-11-15 15:52:09 UTC  

i do cornstarching meat too specialy if its pig

2016-11-15 15:52:20 UTC  

people wear fake shit, but they really buy a lot of the real stuff too

2016-11-15 15:52:24 UTC  

it makes a better stir fry

2016-11-15 15:52:26 UTC  

theres a stigma against fakes here

2016-11-15 15:52:33 UTC  

people are obsessed with brand names

2016-11-15 15:52:36 UTC  

iphone, samsung, gucci

2016-11-15 15:52:36 UTC  

serpentza is that you?

2016-11-15 15:52:41 UTC  

they want to FLAUNT their new money

2016-11-15 15:52:47 UTC  

its a status symbol for the family

2016-11-15 15:52:53 UTC  

yeah it's ironic isn't it

2016-11-15 15:53:06 UTC  

All the Chinese transfers at my uni have designer shit, supreme, Bape, off white, really throws me off because I go to a cheaper college

2016-11-15 15:53:17 UTC  

its important to them and their parents

2016-11-15 15:53:18 UTC  

many expat chinese I know reject that sort of consumerism

2016-11-15 15:53:26 UTC  

but they're 2nd/3rd gen

2016-11-15 15:53:44 UTC  

yeah, its not in their blood, its their new culture

2016-11-15 15:53:51 UTC  


2016-11-15 15:54:01 UTC  

imagine going from a poor communist country where everyone is the same and they punished anyone trying to be different

2016-11-15 15:54:08 UTC  

American Chinese and new Chinese are so different

2016-11-15 15:54:10 UTC  

to having fucking loads of cash and being able to show that your family made it

2016-11-15 15:54:49 UTC  

yeah they're completely different people, but unfortunately the blowback is that americans are starting to treat all chinese the same (read: poorly)

2016-11-15 15:55:10 UTC  

They're ripping us off!!