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2017-12-24 20:33:21 UTC  


Please start commenting on the BRK post, as to boost his numbers and give us more support.

The more support we get on there, the more local based folk will come outa their closets.

2017-12-24 20:33:24 UTC  

I'm under my Julius Bauer account

2017-12-24 20:35:39 UTC  

I’m Erwin’s Wagner the

2017-12-24 20:35:47 UTC  

We have two supporters in Knox that have attended a couple of our rallies....we lost their contact #s, so hopefully they'll pop-up, again (they follow BRK)

2017-12-24 20:39:44 UTC  

I had no idea how big we were

2017-12-24 20:40:31 UTC  

We have countless supporters, who aren't registered.

Our registered members/supporters is still huge.

2017-12-24 20:41:09 UTC  

Then you factor in the other NF folks

2017-12-24 20:41:26 UTC  

It really makes me feel like we got a fighting chance

2017-12-24 20:42:07 UTC  
2017-12-24 20:42:17 UTC  

Charlottesville looks a lot different than what I remember 🤔

2017-12-24 20:42:24 UTC  


2017-12-24 20:42:40 UTC  

I also don't see the swazi that he's talking about

2017-12-24 20:44:03 UTC  

Yeah that's their Odal flag.

2017-12-24 20:44:07 UTC  


2017-12-24 20:44:13 UTC  

The odal rune is literally hitler

2017-12-24 20:44:21 UTC  

Someone blast that nog with Soviet murder stats....he's saying NS committed the worst "atrocities"....FUCK, I wish i wasn't banned from FB.

2017-12-24 20:44:33 UTC  


2017-12-24 20:44:39 UTC  

"Incoming holocaust denial"

2017-12-24 20:44:53 UTC  

Would I be representing the party poorly if I went in there blasting him with holohoax facts

2017-12-24 20:45:10 UTC  

I denied the holocaust in my interview...once it is published, there will be "triggering".

2017-12-24 20:45:20 UTC  


2017-12-24 20:47:28 UTC  


2017-12-24 20:49:13 UTC  

Also, the Legionaries never implemented a Pogrom...That has been proven, time and again.

I do love all the Legionary posts, Neo-Legionarianism on the RISE!

2017-12-24 20:50:12 UTC  

Hopefully all of East TN will know who Saint Corneliu is.

2017-12-24 20:52:14 UTC  

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2017-12-24 20:52:40 UTC  

where the hell do you people find this shit?

2017-12-24 20:52:52 UTC  

Saw it on Facebook

2017-12-24 21:05:45 UTC

2017-12-24 21:06:28 UTC  

Heimbach's at it again.

2017-12-24 21:32:05 UTC

2017-12-24 21:36:11 UTC  

@Hadrian this you?

2017-12-24 21:36:20 UTC

2017-12-24 21:36:32 UTC  


2017-12-24 21:38:24 UTC  

my sock anyway

2017-12-24 21:38:45 UTC  

My PC is colored red and blue to subconsciously intimidate nearby Africans

2017-12-24 21:39:55 UTC  

That Ed beaner was an enemy of mine in Politics and Sociology Confederacy. FB group.

2017-12-24 21:40:53 UTC  

The virgin sock vs the chad openly fashy

2017-12-24 21:40:59 UTC  

I DO NOT like the beaner

2017-12-24 21:41:41 UTC  

Was he obsessed with helmets

2017-12-24 21:41:51 UTC  

I barely use Faceberg anyway

2017-12-24 21:42:00 UTC  

Mostly just to post memes on my meme page