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2017-12-31 06:17:51 UTC  

Trust me..

2017-12-31 06:18:13 UTC  

This much is true

2017-12-31 06:18:20 UTC  

Its needed

2017-12-31 06:18:26 UTC  

Theyre raising new Aryans

2017-12-31 06:18:40 UTC  

Dude I feel

2017-12-31 06:19:27 UTC  

Like I consider myself moderately intelligent. It's really hard to find women that stimulate me anyway other than physically

2017-12-31 06:19:27 UTC  

One I knew is dating my bud I twas not Chad enough I guess

2017-12-31 06:19:39 UTC  

So I can never make a relationship last

2017-12-31 06:19:56 UTC  

Its hard now a days

2017-12-31 06:20:43 UTC  

The ones I do meet are either mental health cases or introverted feminists

2017-12-31 06:20:52 UTC  

But wev got to try bringing more around

2017-12-31 06:21:11 UTC  

Theyll flood over eventually

2017-12-31 06:21:16 UTC  

I feel like I ought to lower my standards

2017-12-31 06:21:30 UTC  

One reason ACCELERATION is needed lol

2017-12-31 06:21:46 UTC  

Warbrides for all

2017-12-31 06:21:55 UTC  

This rate of events is too slow and comfortable

2017-12-31 06:21:59 UTC  


2017-12-31 06:22:02 UTC  

Got mine lol

2017-12-31 06:22:12 UTC  

I need to work on phisical appearance as I'm a tad chunky still below average for weight and my social skills lack as I am an aspie

2017-12-31 06:22:40 UTC  

Hey dude we're all a bit autistic

2017-12-31 06:22:49 UTC  

My advice is find your niche

2017-12-31 06:22:53 UTC  

Being bigger contributes to building good muscle easier if u work at it

2017-12-31 06:23:20 UTC  

Jews love to label us things for being normal

2017-12-31 06:23:30 UTC  


2017-12-31 06:23:36 UTC  

Autism is a white epidemic

2017-12-31 06:23:41 UTC  

Because theyre scared AF

2017-12-31 06:23:42 UTC  

And work out, learn a martial art, learn a skill

2017-12-31 06:23:45 UTC  

So they say

2017-12-31 06:24:06 UTC  

It did a lot for my confidence

2017-12-31 06:24:08 UTC  


2017-12-31 06:24:24 UTC  

The art of the jew

2017-12-31 06:24:46 UTC  

Fitness, Fighting, Reading

2017-12-31 06:25:33 UTC  

Just because whites have focused intelligence don't mean we are abnormal I'm not social because I don't watch TV or do nerd cultural

2017-12-31 06:25:39 UTC  

There was a good interview with Cantwell and Kevin McDonald on all that a couple days ago. Check it out

2017-12-31 06:25:58 UTC  

I'll have to look into it

2017-12-31 06:26:07 UTC  

Ghost how often do you work out?

2017-12-31 06:26:25 UTC  

They love directing our intellect to their causes

2017-12-31 06:26:52 UTC  

I'm ashamed to say not often I'm often tired of my 11 hour shifts

2017-12-31 06:26:52 UTC  

Most liberals over the decades were right about alot

2017-12-31 06:27:07 UTC  

But they were put in the wrong direction

2017-12-31 06:27:31 UTC  

@ghostofthevolk I feel ya dude. It's important to find time though. What do you do for work?