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2018-01-07 16:39:56 UTC  

Do chinaboos exist?

2018-01-07 16:40:33 UTC  

The music and movies here are piss poor rip offs of other genres or just downright low quality shit.

2018-01-07 16:41:56 UTC  

There are 4 types of tv shows here. 1. Singing (competition or otherwise) 2. Period drama (think qing Dynasty) 3. Wukong or other mythical Chinese stuff. (They will tell the same story over and over and over.). 4. Chinese killing Japanese soldiers for hours

2018-01-07 16:42:39 UTC  

And that last one is a doozy. So many shows are like Chinese secret society where they are brilliant tacticians and destroy Japan from the inside during the war and they show Japanese as braindead monsters

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2018-01-07 16:43:34 UTC  

HOW MUCH NTD is good enough to buy shit around here?

2018-01-07 16:43:41 UTC  

Is 300 NTD ok

2018-01-07 16:43:46 UTC  

I was there for a week and @porco was there for a month I think. Also someone in here lives there at the moment I forgot

2018-01-07 16:44:01 UTC  

What are you trying to buy

2018-01-07 16:44:03 UTC  

Like what if you want a shirt, how much NTD

2018-01-07 16:44:40 UTC  

I also want to pay for metro

2018-01-07 16:44:44 UTC  

And some food

2018-01-07 16:44:49 UTC  

Things are relatively cheap

2018-01-07 16:44:53 UTC  

Food is dirt cheap

2018-01-07 16:44:57 UTC  

Metro is dirt cheap

2018-01-07 16:45:13 UTC  

Shirts depends what u want. Some souvenir shit ?

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2018-01-07 16:45:46 UTC  

Then yeah you'll probably be fine with 300 NTD usually

2018-01-07 16:46:10 UTC  

It's cheap, but not as cheap as Thailand

2018-01-07 16:46:10 UTC  

Wait so what is the avg shirt cost

2018-01-07 16:46:22 UTC  

I don't remember, I didn't buy any shirts

2018-01-07 16:46:24 UTC  

My flight is in like 2 hrs

2018-01-07 16:46:41 UTC  

Are you trying to convert the exact amount of cash to buy a single shirt

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2018-01-07 16:46:59 UTC  

The airport takes foreign credit cards

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2018-01-07 16:47:06 UTC  

As for many big souvenirs shops

2018-01-07 16:47:15 UTC  

Whatever fee your bank charges

2018-01-07 16:47:20 UTC  

Mine doesn't charge

2018-01-07 16:47:31 UTC  

Yeah but isn't it cheaper to go to the market

2018-01-07 16:47:42 UTC  

Airport stuff is rly expensive

2018-01-07 16:47:52 UTC  

Yeah but you are trying to figure out the exact amount before you get there for some reason

2018-01-07 16:48:05 UTC  

My time in taiwan is only 6 hours

2018-01-07 16:48:32 UTC  

I want to go to the Shilin market and then Taipei 101

2018-01-07 16:48:42 UTC  

You don't have enough time

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2018-01-07 16:49:08 UTC  

The airport isnt in city center

2018-01-07 16:49:15 UTC  

And you have to go thru customs

2018-01-07 16:49:21 UTC  

And security when u come back