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2017-09-21 01:53:02 UTC  

now, we have our own stuff

2017-09-21 01:53:09 UTC  

which is totally immune

2017-09-21 01:53:21 UTC  

and everyone is already set up on the dark web, even if they pulled our website

2017-09-21 01:53:33 UTC  

so at no point will we lose contact with one another, just gotta make sure everyone has Tor

2017-09-21 01:53:34 UTC  

Hell yeah!

2017-09-21 01:54:30 UTC  

That's a huge hurdle our entire movement has been struggling with

2017-09-21 01:54:57 UTC  

but if we have all our infrastructure immune to shutdowns or threats, it puts us in a great position

2017-09-21 01:56:38 UTC  

I agree completely, especially with everything going on. Now there's not really a chance of moving a lot of ground and we can finally get on to addressing a lot of the interest in people wanting to join or support us I hope. As well as just the ease of having decent contact with each other

2017-09-21 01:58:39 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach What's the best way to join currently?

2017-09-21 01:59:42 UTC  

Fash Emporium is our official Party shop, which will also handle dues

2017-09-21 01:59:56 UTC  

due to the integrated nature of our new system, all the pieces come together

2017-09-21 02:00:17 UTC  

people can also sign up as supporters, which is free, to get on the email list and get networked

2017-09-21 02:00:28 UTC  

We want people involved and engaged, money, while important, is secondary

2017-09-21 02:00:49 UTC  

So especially when recruiting, if someone is unemployed, a student etc and cannot pay dues, have them sign up as supporters so they can still stay involved

2017-09-21 02:02:30 UTC  

I care far more if a man, or woman, is dedicated to our principles and willing to be active and can't pay dues, versus 100 people that just want to sit back and send money

2017-09-21 02:03:49 UTC  

Same, the principle is the whole point. Not to mention we're not really getting anything done without the activity

2017-09-21 02:04:13 UTC  

exactly, our mission isnt a war chest to sit on, all of us (myself included) are volunteers anyway

2017-09-21 02:05:04 UTC  

Great. I need to figure out this bitcoin thing

2017-09-21 02:05:09 UTC  

Once we get going we have plans for the north east starting with the OCT7th event in Bangor ME then after that we want to do som drug awareness stuff and community out tech

2017-09-21 02:05:15 UTC

2017-09-21 02:05:17 UTC  

Out reach even

2017-09-21 02:05:19 UTC  

is a great site to use

2017-09-21 02:05:24 UTC  

ill be doing a video this weekend. Honestly guys, there are african warlords paying child soldiers in bitcoin as we speak

2017-09-21 02:05:35 UTC  

There is a learning curve, but it isnt as difficult as one would imagine

2017-09-21 02:06:05 UTC  

I'm poor, but I think I can spare $20 a month

2017-09-21 02:07:42 UTC  

Do I need to list my full name and address?

2017-09-21 02:11:00 UTC  

tbh man, you put however you want to be addressed in party materials

2017-09-21 02:11:12 UTC  

the address is just to be sent all of your materials

2017-09-21 02:13:20 UTC  

if uve got a PO box, use that, its just so you can get your shirt, stickers, materials, etc

2017-09-21 02:20:02 UTC  

Sounds good to me

2017-09-21 02:28:47 UTC  

@Hadrian we still need to talk some time about recruiting and stuff

2017-09-21 02:30:18 UTC  

Not fond of having to put address etc in fashemporium to sign up but this seems great otherwise

2017-09-21 02:30:39 UTC  

Well Fash Emporium is 100% run by our Party quartermaster

2017-09-21 02:30:53 UTC  

it isnt a separate site, in the traditional sense

2017-09-21 02:30:58 UTC  

Ah, I just mean in the case it gets hacked or something

2017-09-21 02:31:25 UTC  

well, feel free to use a psuedonym. And using bitcoin, it isnt traced back to any credit cards

2017-09-21 02:31:55 UTC  

@HueTheHand Absolutely

2017-09-21 02:50:53 UTC  

Check phone or PM heimbach, I need to know something.

2017-09-21 02:52:12 UTC  

The hardest man in the world to get ahold of

2017-09-21 02:53:35 UTC