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__**What is The Think Tank?**__
**Server Invite:**
The Think Tank is a humble server created for Debate & Substantive Discussion and for Chilling with Video Games, Anime, and Music.

**Permissions Role info:**
•Admin: Can Ban
•Mod: Delegate Perms, change usernames, and plus below
•Demi-Mod: Mute, Image Mute, Confine Members, purge messages, and plus below

__**SERVER Code of Conduct:**__
*punishment: confinement*

•Any violation of Discord Guidelines: Doxing, Threats, Impersonation, Suicide Ideation, Etc.
•Server Specific: Gore, NSFW outside of nsfw channels, micspaming, and Ads.

*punishment: voice/text mute*

•No personal muting, debate disruption, unprincipled hostility towards users, personal attacks in place of arguments, excessive shitposting/trolling, or dogpiling users.

*punishment: Tbd Vote*

•No "Gamer Words" (Slurs) OR sincere bigotry **UNLESS** expressed as a sincere political/philosophical view that you're willing to debate.
•Instead of saying any variant of "the t word" you are heavily encouraged to instead say "otokonoko" or oto for short which has a similar meaning without the bigoted baggage.
•If a user indicates they aren't interested in the debate and political aspect of the server, then do not bother them. DO NOT debate in Chill Voice!
•Do not deny logical fallacies!
*(These aren't requirements, but its heavily encouraged you followed them.)*

*How we deal with misbehavior*

• Solitary confinement: Isolation from the rest of the server
• Voice mute : Lose voice privileges
• Text mute : Lose text privileges

*Refer all appeals to the next level of moderator*

**⟡Cosmetic roles:⟡**
• <#628565019508080660>

@Think Tank Bot
Bots created by @kira (Bot Q & A)

2019-12-29 09:29:43 UTC  

- do not record voice chats without the permission of the room and you loose permission in all caes for recording if you say you dont want to be recorded (violation of this rule results in a ban)

2019-12-31 07:11:00 UTC  

- no fed posting

2020-01-10 18:19:44 UTC  

-speak only english rule unless it's necessary for discussing a local/national political party in another country
-asking for mod or admin results in a ban even as Joke

2020-01-10 19:31:14 UTC  

-no annoying methode