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2017-11-17 03:44:03 UTC  

Somehow make the flag itself comic sans

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2017-11-17 03:44:45 UTC  

No no no. Never use "Jews"

2017-11-17 03:45:17 UTC  

The global cosmopolitan money-changer cultural marxists.

2017-11-17 03:45:17 UTC  

Global libers elites

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2017-11-17 03:46:34 UTC  

Nothing says _elite_ like a contorted, greasy, five foot tall gnome fidgeting and scheming about in a dimly lit and cluttered Manhattan efficiency apartment.

2017-11-17 03:47:30 UTC  

Actually naming the Jew isn't clever enough. We'll use code words so the Jews will have absolutely no idea we're referring to them. It's gonna go great.

2017-11-17 03:59:32 UTC  

I like the term " Foreskin Stealer "

2017-11-17 04:03:01 UTC  

Lizard people works well

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2017-11-17 04:19:52 UTC  

@MadKicker Azov isn't connected to Svoboda and Svoboda isn't ourguys even though they rip on the jews sometimes.

2017-11-17 04:27:11 UTC  

I don't even like Azov other than their asethetics, but I was honestly thinking of joining them for a few months just to get my dick wet combatwise.

2017-11-17 04:27:31 UTC  

I still might.

2017-11-17 04:28:00 UTC  

Getiing PAID to kill commies? Shieeeeeet

2017-11-17 04:28:42 UTC  

@K Martin Why on Earth would you not like Azov?

2017-11-17 04:29:32 UTC  

Because I don't think many of their members are actually NS or even WN, I think a lot of them just like the aesthetic.

2017-11-17 04:30:08 UTC  

They recruit at national socialist events, how could you substantiate that claim.

2017-11-17 04:30:47 UTC  

I'm not talking about the leadership I'm talking about the members.

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2017-11-17 04:31:45 UTC  

Like, for example, remember the huge German NS music concern not too long ago that caused huge amount of butthurt? Even they had Azov representatives looking for footsoldiers to slay the judeo bolsheviks.

2017-11-17 04:32:12 UTC  

Yea I recall that. Epic

2017-11-17 04:32:17 UTC  

How can I trust the leaders if I can't trust the men that will be at my side. Again, I have nothing but outliers to judge, and that is why I still am considering going

2017-11-17 04:32:18 UTC  

They also actively recruit in the notoriously NS pagan communities, they even set up their own temples and hold their own rituals.

2017-11-17 04:32:53 UTC  

I mean shit guys, if AntiFa is training with YPG we SHOULD be sending guys willing to fight with Azov

2017-11-17 04:33:15 UTC  

I like that.

2017-11-17 04:33:33 UTC  

Also a massive chunk of the foreign volunteers are Russians who have experienced incredible oppression under Putin and would get gulag'd if they got back, they're probably motivated to fight to death until ZOG is overthrown because that's the only option.

2017-11-17 04:33:57 UTC  

A few crusty anarchists going to Erbil for a selfie tour *yawn*

2017-11-17 04:34:13 UTC  

Did you see the anarchist volunteer shit? Maximum de la cringe

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2017-11-17 04:34:39 UTC  

They support Pagans? TWP auto-disavow..

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2017-11-17 04:34:39 UTC  

They support Pagans? TWP auto-disavow..

2017-11-17 04:35:01 UTC

You'll cringe your teeth into dust

2017-11-17 04:35:02 UTC  

wew wew

2017-11-17 04:35:18 UTC  

Fucking YPG is dirt

2017-11-17 04:35:45 UTC  

We shouldn't talk about it here tbh because of opsec, but any independent person here interested,we should see about getting a few guys together this summer and actually getting our dicks wet with ruski blood

2017-11-17 04:36:12 UTC  

The dude shoots that AK like a total fucking bitch

2017-11-17 04:36:27 UTC  

> Red gloves


2017-11-17 04:37:15 UTC  

Catch a fucking IED you Zionist tool faggot