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And the resin you just stated is why

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I'm a TRS guy who went TWP

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omg XD

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Why don't we have custom reaction images pinned?

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Who has the footage of Deandre busting someone with a maglite?

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We need to go ahead and feed that to the media.

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It looks like Cory Clicko, from NSM WI was doxxed. I guess his family was harrassed. He ended up resigning. I gotta get more official sources on this.

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I remain of the opinion, that we need to gather together, physically geographically. This is especially true for those who are out in the open about explicit pro-white advocacy. Every organization should have a "baracks" in every state... I use that term innocently, not to denote anything nefarious...of course.

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Agreed I've been saying this

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@donkeykickboxer Yes you have. I appreciate everything man.

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People are going to have to be willing to give up their homes, jobs and sometimes even their family. That's the ugly truth right now. Our people are going to need a haven, so that they can continue to fight the fight. This is just the way I see it, based on personal experience.

2017-08-27 22:41:56 UTC  

Obviously some people will be able to hold out, good for them. But there are still going to be people who will have to give it all up.

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Hey y'all make sure to write Cantwell. Our letters are the only thing that will help him keep his sanity. I have only spent 23 1/2 hours in jail in my life but I was going insane.

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I agree stop trying to be comfortable this is war and if your not ready don't larp as a soldier for your race

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Good evening

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What is the address for Cantwell?

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I'll write him. That's the least I could do

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Sorry that he is serving time

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Let me confirm that

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Every movement needs a bunch of local HQs, but I don't know if you'll exactly need to go into hiding no matter how hard you ever get DOX'd.

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I joined the movement with the mentality of being ready to get hospitalized and lose everything, you'll never be surprised no matter what.

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I had an awesome weekend

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Had bunch of fun as well.

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I'm not saying go into hiding. But I was referring to th & NSM Wi. Usually, guys like this, have family's and wives. When they get doxxed, the bitches freak out. They worry about the safety of the family etc. But if these families lived in areas where other friendly WN's lived nearby, and had patrols, it would help reduce that problem.

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I went to an Asatru ritual saturday night and I went to an orthodox church today....Both were great

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America doesn't really have insane antifas trying to break into people's houses and beat them, do you? I'm saying be prepared, but exaggerating the antifa problem is doing them a favor. Worst I've seen them do over there is calling people and trying to get them fired.

2017-08-27 22:55:38 UTC  

Yes that's the address. I will also be writing Brother James Fields.

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Alright thanks

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@Kombat-Unit No, as far as I can tell ANTIFA types usually only do threats. But the problem is always the women, and family pressure. I've seen it first hand. They are weak women, and unfortunately, even many devout WN's are pussy whipped. American Women aren't ready to fight a war, by and large, they want a safe comfortable life.

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Lol anyone got a spare room for me and my wife near TN or KY?

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I'm only speaking from what I know though. Maybe other people are different. But I see this alot. The women are a huge problem, they don't grasp the gravity of the situation.

2017-08-27 23:01:53 UTC  

But you're right that people need to have a sense of real world community and just knowing they have people who have their back, having real people to fight for, and some real cause to sacrifice for. I've seen this in TRS a bunch of times, people with extremely moderate views are much more likely to abandon the movement than pure nazis for example, since nazis are secure in their faith, and have an actual community backing them who they are fighting for. But if you're a 300lbs alt light nerd posting in your mom's basement and your "community" is some forum or skype group, no wonder they feel bowing out is easy since they feel they aren't getting anything out of the movement.

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What we need is fanaticism, and that's why I've always advocated very brutal propaganda, since that's what gets us radicals.