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Were is twp meeting at today the email didn't say?

Were is twp meeting at today the email didn't say?

Were is twp meeting at today the email didn't say?

Aren't they doing somthing today?

Can you send my an invite to the cville discord

U didn't get one either

I didn't get one either

I got 4 but he said a fifth

Weres that after at goys

Shit ok stay safe brothers hail victory

Is all the twp guys ok

He was on adult swim had a show got canceled cause he was Redpilling

How any of us died none last I checked I call that a win

Ok so for the record was he our guy or not????

Nope not with the league I know them

Yea if anything this will radicalized the left even more they payed the blood price and next time they are gonna want to get even

Damn right boys do you think the left would be crying if it was a dead so called nazi out there

Ok boys you know what we should pool our resources and start building our own monuments

And then every one from unite the right come and crash it

Lol that would be priceless he just starts crying runs and falls down

Roll that's spaghettios

Attention TWP in arkansas we are to a troll raid on Dr Washburn who called the antifa true heroes and said he was happy they through out the nazis this man I supposed to be a right wing supporter on his show and now that trump has come out and said that he found out the left was violent too now he's changing his story please every one pose as a normie and demand his job calling him a traitor for buying into fake news please claim THURSDAY FROM 2_6pm the phone number is (501) 433 0266 help us with this small bit of activism please hail victory

That sounded like I was speaking only to arkansas twp but I meant every one help us out from other states

@Chad Radkersburg-ND you know I'm down crimson chin

Orthodoxy is fucked as far as I'm concerned it looks at racial treason as more of a inconvenience than a sin

@Kombat-Unitheimbach is sporting it it's a cult of personality

Well I'm not biased I'm a pagan I don't follow cristian faith but if I had to I would follow and I do support cristian identity like Richard butler taught

@Wally I agree with that

But I'm saying if I had to support cristian ideal I would only follow Ci not racial is mainstream


@Arcturus what your 'shooting' for huh

There all shape shifting reptilians

People who wear sandals and socks are also feds

Yea the lanky eccentric kids

Any one else see how heimbach is soft on the non white question???

@RexLexus hey man heard about you getting doxxed everything ok with you bro

I put it through my short so it wouldn't slip on mine

Hah if antifa grab your shirt flex and it explodes off

My mom's a seamstress she can make them elastic or velcro

Um suit your self my mom is fash as fuck showed up with me I pikeville with all my comrades getting doxxed and family disown ing them both my parents are behind me

@Kombat-Unit sounds like my mom

That's great most people having g to watch there back I have old men shaking my hand and telling me they support me

Isn't it crazy how cuck ed the boomers are damn

@MadKicker I am working on just that bro pm me if you want to know more

Yea jason told me about that we are focusing on making our own business to hire our guys so dozing is no big deal

Yea we are all about using the tactics of our enemy's we have a few guys who are down its in the early stage but once we can find a few more dedicated white men we can really get the ball rolling

We are hopeing to get financial stable enough to help other groups start as well

@Wallyi know that stormfront summit is coming up I'm going to be there with billy roper

Hahaha just shows how much they hate whites


Well then let's go back and burn that fucking city agian1488

Well let's go back there and let the antifa trash the place

Wonder how the police will act this time

And if we can esemble in such strength again

Rip rich pianna too bad it couldn't be that nigger kali

Yea Idk what happened mcgregor went in ther first 4 rounds giving him all he's got like a fool so now he's gassed and Has 8 more rounds

Optics is for fence sitters

Yea I hang with a bunch of alt right guys and I'm like cmon guys hurry up and go full fash already cville helped in that regard cause the far right looked more uniform fought harder and came better equipped although everyone who came was needed and I give much love to

Agreed I've been saying this

I agree stop trying to be comfortable this is war and if your not ready don't larp as a soldier for your race

Well they jp one of us first we were walking away them we hear our man I the back getting a boot party so we charged in there and beat some ass

Well I'm a white nationalist muslim

No bro Allah was white I take offense to that

Look man Allah was white sharia is the actual white man's law jews just make it the enemy

Wtf dude I was trolling

So he actually was white


@HueTheHand hey bro I agree I was trolling ya

Lol I'm a pagan btw I just thought saying I was white Islam (we wuz ottomans n sheitte) to see wat yall wouldnsay

Lol well I've stirred the shit

Muslims are scum and have been our enemy's for hundreds of years

We have hundreds of enemy's that always have contended with us only now we have dropped our gl9ves

Yea globalist religions make me cringe

At least if I knew for sure we would win I would ally with the Muslim to beat the jew

But he then would be purged from our land

I agree which is why I said if I knew it would work I would accept but I know better look at history letting your enemy in your camp has never ever worked

I'm listening to Midgard rising while discussing this lol

Well most cristian never where good fight exempt the catholics but I Consider them pagan

Yea well I believe they conned a lot of pagan rituals

@Kombat-Unit same bro the only cristian idealogy I support is Ci that's it all else are cucked

Same I don't believe I was born in sin an evil creature by nature so my evil ways (natural ways)must be perverted by an enlightened Christian to go against my genetic coding given by nature

Hhhhmmm a half niggers offspring is against white nationalism imagine that

Look at here hair roots tou can tell it's died blonde

Whey isolate is nothing but pure whey protein if it don't say isolate than its a blend with carbs minerals and other shit in it both are good and have different uses I also feel that way somtime on whey protein which is why I use carnivore protein it's a beef isolate

Hahah white pills

Man fuck that faggot they can't have metal man its ours

Angry white culture made metal as a metal musician this just pisses me off

Nice I didn't know we had goys and doxxing the enemy good show Ole chaps

Were the fk is Unlv???

That's awsome I know they have guys on our side too

I might be putting on an event in AR around mid October if anyone's interested


That's what I'm saying that white fog is co2 it's ether an airsoft Orr a bb gun even if it was a 380 or 22

That's not using gun powder I'm sure even a 17. Is loader than that

Calling niggas he's a bit when he's a thought


I'm here boys who needs to be saved

I'm a pagan and was raised old school pentacostal myself I'm talking the snake handling kind and I've seen it that way too but pretty much all cristian now are cucked

Yea I'm in arkansas and Baptist are the worse

Your beliefs are yours but I would compel you to drop the smite religious beliefs and follow the ancient ancestral path of our for fathers

Yea our church broke up and the pastors best freind a cussed him of trying to fuck his wife she lied too and they took over the church

I respect there way of life but I realize they have been had same as our men who committed murder against there brothers in ww2

I feel they south will probably never give up Christ atleast wholly so if I had to support it I would support cristian identity all the others are cucked and yes that means orthodox sry to be controversial here guys

Autistic screeching incoming g

Lol I got ya bro I'm trolling ya

Were I draw the line with Comrades is this what comes first you god our your people

Lemme ask you brothers a question

Ok my question sry

So your normie friend you start to red pill her and she starts fucking you because your an alpha facist and he's a cuck who hasn't hit it in 9 months are you a degenerate


Asking for a friend

It did your normie finds wife

Super feminine closet case fag

Got heart probs and she takes care of him if she leaves he will kill himself already tried

That's what I'm saying

She's SMOKING!!!! hot too

Everyone hits on her I'm in disbelief I'm hitting it to tell you the truth

I've tried he's mentally ill bipolar depressive who changes no matter who he's with

I felt guilty at first but man's not being a man he's on fed aid and she works

Well I know from a nationalist point of view it is but a bunch of my WN brother have been saying don't worry bout it

When I day freind it's a loose term

Ovously I'm plugging his wife

Reason I brought it up is legally they are married he sleeps on the couch by his choice

And yall were talking about marriage legally

Yes I am dammit so the federal law is the judge and hurt too you?


Of course dude I agree had I any respect for him I would have never and I was never around her much made a point too

I agree she should leave him but last time she did he took a bottle of pills and rubbing alcohol to wash it down

Which is why he's so fucked up now

I agree It's not like I'm like weasel ing like a jew

He asked me to hang out with his wife take her to the gym with me I put it off for months

And I finally took her once and just hinted that man should be men not cucks and bam she was like me husbands such a pussy I'm paying g his bills while he crystal in my arms



Yea he never even got her a ring that fit

Lol and he won't put a baby in it he wants dogs

Like he's the opitomy of leftist cucks

We were friends though my band and he had depression issue I've had some my self so i just hungout with him and talked about it never was around his wife ever because I have morality

I say this after admitting fucking her the irony

Lol get of you high horses

Look I can tell you guys already have a predetermined mindset about me now

Like this nigga ain't going round my girl

Brothers are more important than girls they will leave you in the end were comrades fight in asgard forever

I'm not a home wrecker it just happened and honestly I felt sorry for her

He's not my brother he would never fight beside me

Lol she is

Haha damn

He's not my comrade I only make time for my brothers he's more into sitting on the couch he would let commies beat the shit out of me

If yall met this dude you would feel sry for her too

Lol she's only been with men in her life 3 now

Lol that explains the itch

Wtf yaw gonna get aids

Woman will be woman she married a guy who acted hard to get her and though the years got mor comfortable and came out the closer and now won't leave him cause she know he will die

Lol wemon are stupid as fuck somtimes

I've seen pic of when he was younger he looked WAY diferent but he's open about how emotional he was

It's not like that I'm not fucking oblivious

Perhaps it's pretty hot

I agree once a cheater always a cheater she's not wife material


@Kombat-Unit you trolling mf


Your right

It's not the white man thing to do I'm white tyron

I know you guys don't know her or the situation so trust me she's not as bad as you let on

Lol well now I feel shittyer about it thanks :)

Now I feel like if I ever have my wife cheat I deserve it

I'm being honest with you guys I really wasn't bragging about smashing it

I'm honest with my brothers lying is for jews and troitors

Fuck my big thumbsbtw

Yea in my defence I've been hitt on by tons of non whites and never fucked one

Some were even very atractive

Yea I know a lot of nationalist out there who've fucked non whites I'm like sick

I'm about them #colored.eyes

Hey fuck you

That's worse

He's not my friend btw otherwise I would be working out his girl

She's white atractive and wants a white family even aproached the subject with me

So I think she can make alpha aryan soldier yours cant

Lol I don't look down on you though was it before the red pill?

Yea well when my kids kicking yours ass we will see lol:)

Wtf is fas

I agree brothers she's older too...

And I'd beat the alcohol out of her white sharia style


I'm dying


Hahahah half fashy girlie boys


Dibs on turning the valve

... wait what about dudes that fuck pussys wifs

Yea ther wer lik 15 party's in Germany right wing and the hardest mf rose to the top

Gawd discusting low t beta male fuck

Enoch a kike

Consider the shit aturred

I've met Enoch and sacco twice didn't even know how they were

Hahahah fucking fake nazis

On a real not guys I'm so sick of people in the movement acting like meming and waving flags with achieve the 14

Lol I was I. The movement is ce I was 14 there was no alt right just far right those fags just apeared out the closet

@Kombat-Unit I didn't get the first part

BTW I met max macro too didn't know who d fk he was either I changed his tire he was broke down

Ok I reread I I get it

Sry muh autism

Yea he muh pal and face book specialty I changed his tire like a house nigger

Try is comprised

Lol he he's pissed you insulted the honor of trs

Next we will be defending spencer

Haha haha

Dude wow

He's a race mixer and he believes non white being in an ethno state isn't a bad thing

Yea well the happy gf he was fucking


He's a full on cuck I defended him once too them I listen to him speak and watched the things he did realised he's not one of us he condemns us hes a astetics fag

I agree if I was in town and he had a rally I would show

But at the end of the day he's not fash he's alt light

Lol blue lives matter blue lives matter blue lives matter gets hit with riot mace


He's taking the gold

He's even sounds gay close your eyes and listen to his voice

Girl fucks his ass

I can agree on that he's fun to watch but he's not gonna sleep in our soldiers camp

@Confessor I'm down to talk anytime bro

Hahah Komatsu right

God i hate my spell check

Lol you looked the weed type but I didn't know you smoked

Damn how many nationalist like to smoke the black man's herb

Yea I've been around it a lot with the band's I was in and the whole highschool freinds never oked it though I remember my older brother smoking it blaring eminem and fighting with my parents I swore I'd never be a white nigger

Shit I saw a guy smoke some in cville

K Meant To Say Pikeville

Yea I had a wigger freind who liked them he was my bestie till he stole from my family for his bud habbit

Lol I'm glad I never got into it it's poisen

I turned to metal music

Lol then he cucked

True true

I read the last mountain man

Yea the smoke Jenson mountain man series was great I got the audio books they had sound effects like fight bars scenes gunshots chairs breaking I really thought that was cool it was like a movie plain while a guys reading what's going on

Sup pete

I got doxxed and they threw you in with me

Her name is Mattie. She's from chaGanooga

Lol it

I heard about it never got to see it up close glad I could finally gawk at the freak every one else saw

I'm a pagan and agree that race mixing is a sin

(Echoing autistic screeching)

It's the diferent between othadox and ci

I'm sure your all triggered hard by robb comments then :)

@☦Colton of Yore☦ ahem bro I understand your upset if you didn't defend your leader I would question your manhood but I'm part of sheild wall that was me and mace ing us would have started a real fight I can't believe you are acting in such a way

It wasn't from years ago either it was 3 months ago at a book signing in harrison ar at rg miller's place tons of witnesses

Dude made the event possible he didn't even show up and you guys didn't even show till the day of we made it possible we made it work when every venue was cancel there was no plan b

We called the restur aunt and redirected people on fiday night we were there the day before scoping out the security plan walking the trails where were you guys at then

Btw it was a conference if somthing said wasn't to your liking make a stamen don't run in there and start autistic ly screeching

Is what yall did it made you guys look worse

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