Message from John Mosby in tradworker #tradworker

2017-11-09 04:15:06 UTC  

@☦Colton of Yore☦ i mean on here

2017-11-09 04:16:40 UTC  


That sounds awesome.

If i didnt have my own business, I would be all over it.

I'll let some of my boys know about it, though

2017-11-09 04:17:13 UTC  

Done. I need a better job but probably can't leave my young wife.

2017-11-09 04:17:56 UTC  

I am making shit money.

2017-11-09 04:30:11 UTC  

Its worth it when youve got all that time off. Also not a very far trip. My current new-hire group has guys from all over.

And the industry up here is majority white. Honestly its the southern towboating industry thats heavily black.

2017-11-09 04:31:30 UTC  

Im gona repost daily proly. Its late now so ill do it again tomorrow during better traffic lol

2017-11-09 04:47:52 UTC  

There is a job guild server too.

2017-11-09 04:47:55 UTC  

For us.

2017-11-09 04:48:08 UTC  

The Silver Guild.

2017-11-09 04:49:18 UTC  

If anyone has shortwave, go to 3993 khz it's lit af

2017-11-09 04:51:27 UTC  
2017-11-09 04:51:40 UTC  

It's like racist boomers who want a white ethnostate lmao

2017-11-09 04:52:31 UTC  

Lol nice.

2017-11-09 04:52:36 UTC  

Our boomers.

2017-11-09 04:54:07 UTC  

Yea I'm getting red pilled af on getting a ham rig now.

2017-11-09 04:54:16 UTC  

Hard to censor that huh

2017-11-09 04:56:19 UTC  

Now he's talking about making twitter and facebook a utility to stop censorship 😉

2017-11-09 04:58:19 UTC  

Need some younger folks tho if anyone wants to do a radioshow hmu

2017-11-09 05:07:24 UTC  

Whatchu need younger folks for?

2017-11-09 05:14:15 UTC  

Who here wants to start a TWP skate team?

2017-11-09 05:15:54 UTC  

I came to the Movement through the skate scene...there are a lot of skaters getting sick with nogs co-opting our shit.

2017-11-09 05:16:44 UTC  

Cultural appropriation

2017-11-09 05:17:22 UTC  

Skateboarding is a white boy sport...nogs started the cultural appropriation....time to take it back!

2017-11-09 05:18:05 UTC  

I grew up on the Piss Drunx.

2017-11-09 05:20:47 UTC  

We still need a TWP choir and have some OC battle hyms to write lads 👌

2017-11-09 05:21:21 UTC  

Join a Church, bro.

2017-11-09 05:23:01 UTC  

#TWP Church Faith affirmation

2017-11-09 05:24:13 UTC  

Sorry, not trying to proselytize, but Orthodoxy is the way to Heaven...

2017-11-09 05:24:32 UTC  


2017-11-09 05:25:50 UTC  

Church has a choir, but the SS had a music-corps fam 😎

2017-11-09 05:27:15 UTC  


Fun fact, Helmuth von Pannwitz is a Saint in our Church (Saint Glicherie).

2017-11-09 05:28:34 UTC  

Sounds like a pretty based church

2017-11-09 05:28:56 UTC  

We have numerous Fash Saints...a LOT of Legionary Saints.

2017-11-09 05:29:27 UTC  

I have Saint George Calciu hanging on my Icon Corner right now.

2017-11-09 05:34:40 UTC  

Long Live Death!

2017-11-09 05:55:39 UTC

2017-11-09 06:03:04 UTC  

I, honestly, think it would be funny to have a rally(100+) and everyone wear Trump hats...just to troll.