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When you remove the top

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I only know the sweet sound of Sunset Sarsaparilla

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There is a distinct

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Hence, pop

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Yeah but you don't call a gun a bang

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Just because it makes that sound

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But you might call a song about being shot bang bang

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An entire culture doesn't call it "boomstick"

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You don't go into a gun store and ask to buy a boomstick

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Here we go

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Ah yes

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The "common name" for an old anti-tank weapon coming from an instrument which barely actually exists definitely proves it

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In Cali

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It's called soda

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In the north it's pop

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They used to say

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Soda pop

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Two differences are that it's still not based on the sound it makes though (although the original instrument might well be) and that the *official* name became bazooka (despite it also being used informally for big guns you hold on your shoulder)

2018-02-02 16:21:28 UTC  

Which means that at that point, it has nothing to do with soda being called pop

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Or with a gun being called a bang

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The bazooka is also related to some ways with the boomstick

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Boomstick is a shotgun

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Or with a piano being called a plonk or a guitar being called a twang

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Blunderbuss is only called after a sound in Dutch with "thunder pipe"

2018-02-02 16:26:11 UTC  

The Dutch are a strong and industrious people.

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Which, considering it's from the 1600s, is like calling a gun today a "firearm"

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Do you think people call snorkels snorkels

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On account of the snorkeling sound they make?