Message from Bob Oliver in tradworker #tradworker

2017-04-10 15:00:30 UTC  

I'm not sure if we have a chapter in PA or not, @parrott @MatthewHeimbach could you confirm?

2017-04-10 15:01:27 UTC  

I spoke with @parrott recently i think he is working on getting something put together.

2017-04-10 15:01:45 UTC  

That's great!

2017-04-10 15:02:00 UTC  

Glad to have people trying to get more active!

2017-04-10 15:02:04 UTC  

Where in PA? I'm in MD and I'd visit

2017-04-10 15:03:38 UTC  

Round Pittsburgh. Yah its nice seeing more guys involved.

2017-04-10 15:03:51 UTC  

Yoi got a chapter down there in MD?

2017-04-10 15:04:53 UTC  

Not that I know of

2017-04-10 15:05:19 UTC  

Hard red territory around here

2017-04-10 15:05:52 UTC  

Its not to bad up here. People just dont care.

2017-04-10 15:07:04 UTC  

I heard Pittsburgh area is pretty nice and white, never been around there

2017-04-10 15:08:09 UTC  

The closer to town the worse it gets. As usual

2017-04-10 15:08:52 UTC  


2017-04-10 15:49:09 UTC  

I like that we can comunicate now. It was months before i even spoke to another member.

2017-04-10 15:50:29 UTC  

Yeah, I'm pretty excited about this. I've been on ds for a while but I'm ready to start doing some stuff in reality now.

2017-04-10 15:51:21 UTC  

The astonishing level of international jewry in the Trump admin has made me understand that we need to be in the streets or nothing will happen

2017-04-10 15:51:57 UTC  

That is the highest level of redpill.

2017-04-10 15:52:04 UTC  


2017-04-10 15:52:19 UTC  

I wish i could make it to pikeville

2017-04-10 15:53:41 UTC  

Yeah I'm still pending a day off on Friday but should be there.

2017-04-10 19:34:34 UTC  

What's up comrades, just got off work

2017-04-10 19:35:44 UTC  

Just got back from checking out that XD-S. Just waiting on a background check 😀

2017-04-10 19:37:50 UTC  

I guess you liked it? Haha

2017-04-10 19:39:00 UTC  

Hell yeah. Much better than the ruger. Well, except the ruger was a lot slimmer.

2017-04-10 19:39:18 UTC  

Yeah xds are pretty thick

2017-04-10 19:40:20 UTC  


2017-04-10 19:42:33 UTC  

Springfield armory is running a special right now if anyone is interested. If you purchase one before may (I think), they'll send you an extra 4 mags and a holster for it. At least that's what I was told.

2017-04-10 19:43:06 UTC  


2017-04-10 19:46:50 UTC  

Hey fellas i checked out that fash emporium site. Whats going on with it?

2017-04-10 19:47:20 UTC  

I was wondering the same since it's been down.

2017-04-10 19:47:28 UTC  

It's not up and running just yet

2017-04-10 19:47:38 UTC  

That's a sick special

2017-04-10 19:47:39 UTC  

It'll be up later this week.

2017-04-10 19:47:39 UTC  

It will be very soon though

2017-04-10 19:47:45 UTC  


2017-04-10 19:48:27 UTC  


2017-04-10 19:49:42 UTC  

It's down? I just got on it I think

2017-04-10 19:52:52 UTC  

@parrott In the party newsletter it says to message you or Matt to confirm party membership. What information do you want as confirmation?

2017-04-10 19:53:35 UTC  

^same ?