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2017-12-30 04:25:34 UTC  

we go as a religious group eh

2017-12-30 04:25:34 UTC  

Is there actual good Internet there? Or just satellite or some shit

2017-12-30 04:25:51 UTC  

depends where you are at

2017-12-30 04:25:58 UTC  

its ok, its usable and rather fast in Paoli

2017-12-30 04:25:58 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach In New England today we took to the streets to clean graffiti off of statues of American heroes. I think it'd be a good look to rep TWP flags while cleaning up communities

2017-12-30 04:25:59 UTC  

I mean Paoli

2017-12-30 04:26:07 UTC  

Yes thatd be great!

2017-12-30 04:26:26 UTC  

Yeah paoli is fine, parrott runs the TWP server on our internet, has stuff DLing and streaming etc, and his internet is fine

2017-12-30 04:26:39 UTC  


2017-12-30 04:26:39 UTC  

Good. I need that for my work

2017-12-30 04:27:42 UTC  

Yeah man, it works for all our movement stuff

2017-12-30 04:27:51 UTC  

If you guys take over a place ill pack up all I got and bring all I got leave this place in the dust

2017-12-30 04:28:35 UTC  

I'll be moving there within the year then, assuming I can fix my credit fast enough

2017-12-30 04:28:49 UTC  

Sweet! So it begins!

2017-12-30 04:29:40 UTC  

My mom actually took a ton of classes for financial literacy for the state. She's not anywhere near this movement, but I could probably get her to help @Hadrian

2017-12-30 04:29:48 UTC  

what state is paoli decent jobs I got friends for the ethno state I can convinve

2017-12-30 04:30:14 UTC  

Indiana. Around here there are some ok jobs, and plenty of temp work if someone is unskilled

2017-12-30 04:30:32 UTC  

I am a welder by trade

2017-12-30 04:30:40 UTC  

i mean 3 or 4 comrades could work part time at a service job and afford a mortgage and have lots of time for activism. Plenty of welding work around here

2017-12-30 04:30:49 UTC  

Or in OH with our goys over there as well

2017-12-30 04:32:27 UTC  

Ill have to look into the area I started a second job to pound cash away and pay debt

2017-12-30 04:33:22 UTC  

A little money goes a long way here

2017-12-30 04:33:38 UTC  

And i dream of in the near future getting all of us local comrades to pool funds to actually buy a Party HQ

2017-12-30 04:33:56 UTC  

if we had just 20 or 30 dudes here, 20 bucks from each would give us a mortgage on an actual HQ

2017-12-30 04:34:10 UTC  

where we could hang out, work out, etc

2017-12-30 04:34:13 UTC  

My job is barely enough to survive in the suburbs out here, but in Indiana I could probably live pretty good

2017-12-30 04:34:39 UTC  

I mean i make less than 30k a year on my wagecuck job and have a family of 4

2017-12-30 04:34:55 UTC  

that would be awsome me and my other vangard bud thought about building a place but we only had us in on it

2017-12-30 04:35:09 UTC  

Teamwork can do a lot

2017-12-30 04:35:38 UTC  

Yeah I pull in about 30k

2017-12-30 04:36:23 UTC  

you can raise a family on that out here, especially when you get a wife and kids and get gibbz plus the earned income tax credit

2017-12-30 04:36:42 UTC  

for my two kids i get an extra like 5k a year

2017-12-30 04:36:56 UTC  

A waifu is second on my list right behind a placed to live

2017-12-30 04:37:38 UTC  

I am making a good bit here and if it were not for my roommate It would suck average house rents for 1400 no utilitys

2017-12-30 04:38:30 UTC  

The best way for a White man to live is working poor tbh, access to government programs, low taxes, high refund for having kids

2017-12-30 04:38:34 UTC  

my friend has a trailer and gf and kid hardly makes it on 16 an hour on a 44 hour week

2017-12-30 04:38:35 UTC  

U weld? I wanna teach our guys at next fellowship meet. Do a shop course

2017-12-30 04:38:37 UTC  

you get crucified for having middle class income

2017-12-30 04:39:10 UTC  

@boilerplate#6579 I would gladly teach anyone

2017-12-30 04:39:16 UTC  

Apologies for the interupt.

2017-12-30 04:39:26 UTC  

its alright