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2017-08-15 03:10:50 UTC  


2017-08-15 03:11:21 UTC  

seriously thought what the fuck google

2017-08-15 03:17:20 UTC  

google is jewish owned

2017-08-15 03:18:30 UTC  

I know just working through my rage at the situation

2017-08-15 03:23:31 UTC  

Anonymizing this link just in case. Have a look-see. The Matts are making news

2017-08-15 03:27:51 UTC  

You see NC?

2017-08-15 03:28:16 UTC  

Der Ewige Gegner

2017-08-15 03:28:43 UTC  
2017-08-15 03:30:47 UTC  

The Eternal Enemy

2017-08-15 03:31:09 UTC  

Thats the Communist Party of Germany HQ back in the 20s, our enemy remains the same.

2017-08-15 03:31:49 UTC  

Better dead than red. I think if people realized that our enemies are communists we would gain a bit more support.

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2017-08-15 03:41:05 UTC  

"(((OY VEY! DATS RITE!)))"

2017-08-15 03:56:01 UTC  

Has anyone seen the statue in NC being toppled?

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2017-08-15 04:16:51 UTC  

I am off all social media if anyone asks

2017-08-15 04:17:01 UTC  

Ok boys you know what we should pool our resources and start building our own monuments

2017-08-15 04:18:56 UTC  

when we accomplish something worth remembering

2017-08-15 04:20:36 UTC  

I am good w/ Ceramic Scuplting 😇

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2017-08-15 04:21:27 UTC  

I can certainly make a mean bust.

2017-08-15 04:23:23 UTC  

Anyone who needs my number let me know

2017-08-15 04:23:39 UTC  

Off all social media

2017-08-15 04:23:59 UTC  

@Commander Johnson I will DM. Do you also have Signal?

2017-08-15 04:24:13 UTC  

I do

2017-08-15 04:25:07 UTC  

Alright. Just messaged.

2017-08-15 04:25:32 UTC  

the thing we were talking about earlier concerning a storm is back up on that onion thing

2017-08-15 04:26:10 UTC  

or semi back up

2017-08-15 04:39:46 UTC  

I'm off all social media as well

2017-08-15 05:15:36 UTC  

I'm going to spend that time on other things to better myself.

2017-08-15 05:18:01 UTC  

who here is in Vegas?

2017-08-15 05:18:13 UTC  

I know one of ya'll is

2017-08-15 05:30:24 UTC  

Who's in New England ? Ppl are already posting pics of me from Vice around Faceberg lol

2017-08-15 05:30:57 UTC  

theyre doxing ne peeps?

2017-08-15 05:31:42 UTC  

Local antifa know me already

2017-08-15 05:32:01 UTC  

I've been in punk scene since I was younger

2017-08-15 05:32:23 UTC  

And they started fuckinf with me way before I was "racist"

2017-08-15 05:33:33 UTC  

ah ok

2017-08-15 05:53:14 UTC  

so, odd question, but what sites are showing photos of us from cville? I only ask because I've spent the past 2 days scouring photo and video and haven't found myself once. I know i'm tempting fate, but im curious. Hell, i even eventualy found myself in the pikeville confrense