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2017-10-02 01:06:26 UTC  

welcome comrade

2017-10-02 01:07:11 UTC  

These two are both solid, I consider them my brothers.

2017-10-02 01:07:26 UTC  

I consider us family

2017-10-02 01:07:37 UTC  

Thank you, it's rather white-pilling that we have such an organized and youthful movement

2017-10-02 01:07:51 UTC  

Well glad to have yall here

2017-10-02 01:08:09 UTC  

id love to see a canadian style party aligned with us, and as a part of the Nationalist Front.

2017-10-02 01:08:41 UTC  

i'll get on it

2017-10-02 01:09:06 UTC  

There's apparantly a Canadian Nationalist Front that was supposed to run the rally. I was wondering if there was any relation to our NF

2017-10-02 01:09:13 UTC  

no sir

2017-10-02 01:09:30 UTC  

i mean theres a UK, SA, etc National or Nationalist Front

2017-10-02 01:09:35 UTC  

but no canadians are yet part of our NF

2017-10-02 01:09:44 UTC  

i'll ask Goudreau about it

2017-10-02 01:10:00 UTC  

about if he wants to associate with the movement and adopt the precise viewpoints espoused by the Front

2017-10-02 01:10:19 UTC  

its decently broad, not even exclusively NS

2017-10-02 01:10:30 UTC  

I hadnt really heard about a large number of canadian Wns tbh

2017-10-02 01:10:34 UTC  

what are yalls numbersl ike?

2017-10-02 01:10:37 UTC  


2017-10-02 01:10:59 UTC  

i couldn't tell you. I'm not affiliated with any groups; I only heard about the rally through a friend

2017-10-02 01:11:33 UTC  

No-one showed up (at least openly; Goudreau claims the rally was cancelled and instead his people went plainclothed to infiltrate the counter-protest to try and doxx them)

2017-10-02 01:11:45 UTC  

Because i wasn't affiliated with them, I never got the memo.

2017-10-02 01:12:32 UTC  

I went in solidarity with their anti-immigration, anti-Trudeau message and not as a member of their group

2017-10-02 01:27:55 UTC  

ah gotcha

2017-10-02 01:28:01 UTC  

he seems... like an interesting character

2017-10-02 01:28:52 UTC  

Goudreau? I don't know squat about him. Doesn't dress supremely well. All i know is he appears to have some connections, although to folks of what caliber i can't say

2017-10-02 01:29:14 UTC  

he kinda struck me tbh as a lone wolf with a big mouth

2017-10-02 01:29:18 UTC  

not even trying to hate on the guy

2017-10-02 01:32:58 UTC  

i'll keep in touch with him and relay my thoughts to you. i figure you might want to know about potential contacts north of the border

2017-10-02 01:38:20 UTC  

I know a couple canadian nationalists.

2017-10-02 01:38:30 UTC  

On Facebook. Welcome by the way.

2017-10-02 01:38:42 UTC  

Thank you, glad to be here

2017-10-02 01:40:37 UTC

2017-10-02 01:41:16 UTC

2017-10-02 01:42:16 UTC  

what are these pictures of?

2017-10-02 01:43:47 UTC  

stormfront this weekend

2017-10-02 01:46:33 UTC  

"You still have time to change your heartttt"
"You can still change your diet plan"

2017-10-02 01:46:43 UTC

2017-10-02 01:46:43 UTC

2017-10-02 01:48:17 UTC  

Faggots don't make this country great wtf

2017-10-02 01:49:16 UTC  

obviously filmed by a far-left faggot

2017-10-02 01:49:30 UTC  

Yeah it's from some clip, that was some amerindian tranny saying that.

2017-10-02 01:49:40 UTC  

get the blankets