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2017-11-13 18:00:10 UTC  

Yea, I have said for a long time that the optics debate is a class thing

2017-11-13 18:00:26 UTC  

Upper middle class/middle class v. working class

2017-11-13 18:00:32 UTC  

Agreed the ones who aren’t sure love to act like it

2017-11-13 18:00:51 UTC  

In the new york area they meet at a restaurant thats 50 bucks a plate and half its menu is in hebrew.

2017-11-13 18:00:53 UTC  

Accepting women is one thing but they also encourage them to come to rallies where it will get violent

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2017-11-13 18:01:09 UTC  

@Eulogy that’s the group my ex is a part of lol

2017-11-13 18:01:11 UTC  

that is what fucking antifa does

2017-11-13 18:01:14 UTC  

Women belong at home, they are a liability at rallies.

2017-11-13 18:01:19 UTC  

I agree

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2017-11-13 18:01:40 UTC  

They encourage them to come knowing that they can get hurt so that it’ll make the other side look bad

2017-11-13 18:01:53 UTC  

You know that when SHTF these upper middle class nerds won't be on the front lines

2017-11-13 18:01:55 UTC  

They’re faggot markers anyway

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2017-11-13 18:02:19 UTC  

Well its the same for people who cry about white genocide

2017-11-13 18:02:25 UTC  

You arent going to get pity.

2017-11-13 18:02:31 UTC  

So stop talking and act against iy

2017-11-13 18:02:32 UTC  

Pretending to be based traditionalists while doing drugs and cheating on your actual traditionalist boyfriend

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2017-11-13 18:02:41 UTC  

Genuinely I hate them

2017-11-13 18:02:47 UTC  

Because they’re hypocrites

2017-11-13 18:02:57 UTC  

They'll be hiding behind us "LARPers"when shit hits the fan. Look at how spencer asked us to be security at gainesville after his group tells its members not to associate with us

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2017-11-13 18:03:19 UTC  

Did he really? 😂

2017-11-13 18:03:23 UTC  

Yea lmao

2017-11-13 18:03:25 UTC  

Gainesville was a shit show

2017-11-13 18:04:08 UTC  

That is what happens when you obsess over optics. "Don't be violent guys its bad for muh optics"

2017-11-13 18:04:15 UTC  

-Gets shouted down and shut on

2017-11-13 18:04:17 UTC  

*shit on

2017-11-13 18:04:58 UTC  

The funny thing is that "american nationalists" and softcore types have not had one successful event

2017-11-13 18:04:59 UTC  

Not one

2017-11-13 18:05:20 UTC  

They never will lol

2017-11-13 18:05:51 UTC  

Weak convictions attract weak people, that is why all their rallies will be flash demos where 18 people show up in suits and get chased away by police

2017-11-13 18:05:55 UTC  

after 30 minutes

2017-11-13 18:05:56 UTC  


2017-11-13 18:07:28 UTC  

The idea that we should stop holding public rallies is ridiculous too

2017-11-13 18:07:38 UTC

2017-11-13 18:07:48 UTC  

I have seen that, lmao

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2017-11-13 18:08:18 UTC  

But Spencer was the one who started that?