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2017-10-19 19:03:42 UTC  

Ya, a lot of fascist parties were out there, too, even before WW2.

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Like right before WWII wen Germany tried to support the Argentine invasion of Brazil

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Of not or

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Thinking of TN t really sucks I can’t get the time off to go down there for the 28th

2017-10-19 19:06:54 UTC  

I am planing on taking a 2 week vacation in TN again next year thew to continue looking for land near Greeneville

2017-10-19 19:08:13 UTC  


Greeneville is only about a hour from the Knox goys and about a hour from the Tri-Cities goys.

I also have 2 bros that live in Greeneville, that Ive known for 10 years living in Greeneville (one is NF).

2017-10-19 19:08:25 UTC  

I'm in East Knoxville

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2017-10-19 19:08:54 UTC  

Will have to try and link up next time I’m down that way

2017-10-19 19:09:19 UTC  


If u need a place to crash while ur out here, my house is open to ya

2017-10-19 19:11:34 UTC  

Thanks, I stay at one of my fiends places in Greeneville he has over 40ach of land i hoot to get a farm here his he would like to start a mini ethno committee there. He are trying to get the guy next to him to sell his farm right now

2017-10-19 19:13:16 UTC  

That's awesome

2017-10-19 19:14:01 UTC  

Does he raise any animals?

2017-10-19 19:14:11 UTC  

or farm anything?

2017-10-19 19:18:11 UTC  

It’s set up for horses but he doesn’t have any yet also 1 ach of garden

2017-10-19 19:19:08 UTC  

The property he is trying to he the guy next to him to sell is set up for cows and has over 20 ach of pasture to grow hay

2017-10-19 19:19:42 UTC  


I have a buddy in New Tazewell, who has a 70 acre farm.

He raises a bunch of different animals. He could probably help ur buddy out with some, if he would want any.

2017-10-19 19:20:01 UTC  

If I had 800k there is a 300ach cattle farm mere him for sail also

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2017-10-19 19:20:56 UTC  

My long term plan is to home stead and be as much self reliant as possible

2017-10-19 19:22:38 UTC  

Ya, I've been very into permaculture and homesteading for years now.

I only have an acre, though, but I've raised: pigs, goats, meat rabbits, chickens, and ducks.

I, also, like to garden (although I haven't had one the past two years, cuz my livestock keep destroying it)...need better pens.

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2017-10-19 19:24:14 UTC  

Up here I have chickens and I what goats I I am i. 3/4 ach the sad thing is I can sell my place up here and buy 20-30+ ach down there with the equity in my house

2017-10-19 19:25:26 UTC  

Nice. Goats are cool, but they are a pain in the ass.

2017-10-19 19:25:45 UTC  

Well, I must jump off and go to the store.

Good talking.

2017-10-19 20:21:51 UTC  

Getting a little spicy out there

2017-10-19 20:27:51 UTC  

BASED INDIANA - Yesterday at our covered bridge festival, there was a booth waving a confederate flag and selling shakles that were used on slaves.

2017-10-19 21:08:14 UTC  

Episode on the growth of the Alt right and how the intelligence world is seeing the growing Marxist low intensity conflict in the US

2017-10-19 21:58:19 UTC  

Holy crap, I just watched the new video and it gave me chills

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2017-10-19 22:04:27 UTC  

That was beautifully made, props to whoever was involved

2017-10-19 22:07:44 UTC  

It really was

2017-10-19 22:20:01 UTC  

Yes indeed!

2017-10-19 22:29:24 UTC  

Ohio and surrounding goys PM me if you're interested in a meetup south of Lancaster, Ohio this weekend.

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They even had a damn rollercoaster 🎢

2017-10-19 23:18:10 UTC  

Back to the river for me here soon. Poseidon speaks