Message from Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe in tradworker #tradworker

2017-12-23 00:52:21 UTC  

Let's get on it then fam

2017-12-23 00:52:52 UTC  

All we really need is for people not to scramble when shit hits that fan. We hold walls pretty well

2017-12-23 00:52:54 UTC  

@everyone Here's a site that sells law-enforcement riot gear

2017-12-23 00:53:12 UTC  

This is the good shit, but some of the stuff is only shippable to police addresses

2017-12-23 00:53:26 UTC  

Love Galls. LA Police Gear is nice too

2017-12-23 00:53:32 UTC  

you can get round shields on amazon

2017-12-23 00:53:36 UTC  


2017-12-23 00:53:56 UTC  

Here's some cheap surplus shields too

2017-12-23 00:54:08 UTC  

If people want to get rough I'd suggest you pick up a cheap action camera to use for legal purposes.

2017-12-23 00:54:25 UTC  

We should use real torches instead of tiki torches.

2017-12-23 00:56:05 UTC  

Perhaps, I just go with using a rigid metal pole or emt as a flag pole. Makes it a lot harder to get in trouble than an anti carrying a 2x4 with a red hankerchief on it.

2017-12-23 00:56:19 UTC  

Also, get marching boots and make sure everyone has the same cadence

2017-12-23 00:56:32 UTC  

@Commander Davis (TWP)
Folllow CAESAR

2017-12-23 00:56:37 UTC  

That would take some time to coordinate but the optics would be worth it

2017-12-23 00:56:43 UTC  

HA right?

2017-12-23 00:57:12 UTC  

He's working like a madman atm

2017-12-23 00:58:10 UTC  


2017-12-23 00:58:45 UTC  

You know, we could hold torch marches through small redneck towns where we actually might get support.

2017-12-23 00:58:53 UTC  

Rather than nigger central

2017-12-23 00:59:16 UTC  

Too bad Joe Arpaio isn't a sheriff; it would be great to have a UTR under his jurisdiction

2017-12-23 00:59:18 UTC  

I just think if we could get guys to flash march at regular intervals we could scare the shit out of the left

2017-12-23 00:59:35 UTC  

I mean an action in some part of the country every wekk

2017-12-23 00:59:37 UTC  


2017-12-23 00:59:42 UTC  

That would be excellent

2017-12-23 01:00:12 UTC  

Use colored flares

2017-12-23 01:00:23 UTC  

More aesthetic

2017-12-23 01:00:27 UTC  

Those are hard to find

2017-12-23 01:00:30 UTC  

except red

2017-12-23 01:00:41 UTC  

Well then use red

2017-12-23 01:00:47 UTC  

Nothing wrong with red

2017-12-23 01:00:57 UTC  


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2017-12-23 01:01:33 UTC  

We need an American Horst Wessel Lied

2017-12-23 01:01:49 UTC  

The Golden Dawn already has the greek one (Raise Your Flags)

2017-12-23 01:02:59 UTC  

I propose here and now: we learn the words to ONE song. Just one, as we march towards destiny. In complete unison.
Until now this has never happened

2017-12-23 01:03:17 UTC  

I sang Erika at the Cville march but nobody else knew the words 😦

2017-12-23 01:03:37 UTC  

I vote English Horst Wessel Lied

2017-12-23 01:03:41 UTC  

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe
Exactly. That should end today. One song is simple