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2017-11-06 23:21:13 UTC  

Pls be courteous with screens so you do not blind me

2017-11-06 23:21:23 UTC  

i got like 2 classes left

2017-11-06 23:21:24 UTC  

(this is an issue at my workplace lol)

2017-11-06 23:21:28 UTC  

What is your major @SangreyHonor88

2017-11-06 23:21:30 UTC  

might as well make shekeles

2017-11-06 23:21:49 UTC  

it was art but i changed it to hospitatlity

2017-11-06 23:21:55 UTC  

Okay that's not too bad

2017-11-06 23:22:02 UTC  

That sounds decent

2017-11-06 23:22:06 UTC  

Art would've been a funny meme though

2017-11-06 23:22:11 UTC  

hospitality and tourism

2017-11-06 23:22:12 UTC  

I have a degree in (((psychology))) kek

2017-11-06 23:22:19 UTC  

@Matt ✠ I bet that's useful

2017-11-06 23:22:27 UTC  

i want to get an art therapist

2017-11-06 23:22:30 UTC  

deal with tards

2017-11-06 23:22:33 UTC  

and serial killers.

2017-11-06 23:22:36 UTC  

I would've went for CS if I could've afforded it

2017-11-06 23:22:40 UTC  

* be

2017-11-06 23:22:51 UTC  

Yes, EHs are taking over TWP discord.

2017-11-06 23:23:05 UTC  


2017-11-06 23:23:10 UTC  

Esoteric Hitlerites

2017-11-06 23:23:10 UTC  

Good job changing it from art lol

2017-11-06 23:23:29 UTC  

nah i am mainly agnostic

2017-11-06 23:23:33 UTC  

but i like savitri devi

2017-11-06 23:23:40 UTC  

and miguel serrano

2017-11-06 23:23:42 UTC  

and evola

2017-11-06 23:23:43 UTC  

I have mixed feelings about EH but won't countersignal here
There is definitely value there.

2017-11-06 23:23:51 UTC  

Evola is cool.

2017-11-06 23:24:00 UTC  

agnostic leaning towards Roman paganism

2017-11-06 23:25:26 UTC  

i would rather wait and take art classes in Argentina or Europe

2017-11-06 23:25:41 UTC  

Who are those people you listed?

2017-11-06 23:26:28 UTC  

savitri devi was an national socialist greek descent she did alot for animal activism and she viewed Hitler as an avatar.

2017-11-06 23:26:47 UTC  

An avatar for what?

2017-11-06 23:27:17 UTC  

She was into hinduism and her famous works was the lighting and the sun. She wrote to GLR and he responded she was really respected by William pierce and GLR.

2017-11-06 23:30:48 UTC  

Hitler was the 9th avatar of Vishnu. It's too limited saying she was a hindu, she believed in ancient pan aryan indo aryan religion.

2017-11-06 23:31:12 UTC  

She is one of my idols she did alot for the movement.

2017-11-06 23:33:07 UTC  

Yeah, read all she's written, love her.

2017-11-06 23:34:06 UTC  

I usually dont know other people that likes her style of National socialism.

2017-11-06 23:38:45 UTC  

This channel is not an appropriate platform to be evangelizing any religious beliefs.

2017-11-06 23:41:12 UTC  


2017-11-07 00:28:04 UTC  

Does anybody here know of anything in regards to National Action? Like charities to ways to support them? I have a friend asking, and I didn't think they were relevant here in the US but it's not my area of expertise. Any advice on what i should respond to her with?

2017-11-07 00:36:09 UTC