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I thought we all agree Hitler was too soft on the kikes

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>Having the opprounity to exterminate them
>choosing not to

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True, he had a Jewish doctor, because he liked him, he let him stay.

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TWP professor of the month

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@Kombat-Unit , can we get a high res link?

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If Molyneux is to be considered Jewish, then it goes to say that if all Jews were like him then there would be no Jewish Question imo

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@Jossur Surtrson Yes by opening it in browser.

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A little late to the conversation, but (St) Corneliu hasn't been officially Canonized (although he is locally Venerated, which is the first step towards Canonization).

Unfortunately, the Romanian Orthodox hierarchy are some of the most liberalized in the East, so I doubt he will be Canonized for a LONG time. The Romanian hierarchs are terrified of anything Legionary, or anything anti-Ecumenist, this is why they are still reluctant to Canonized Elder Justin Parvu or Fr George Calciu, as they were both Legionaries and very anti-ecumenistic. Fr George was just recently reburied, and his body was found to be incorrupt; this, along with the other Miracles attributed to him, show that he is indeed a Saint...even if they never officially Canonize him).

As far as the differences between Sima and Codreanu (Corneliu's Father) go, my biggest issue with Sima was that he was moving the Legionary Movement away from being Christ-Centric, whereas Corneliu's dad wanted to maintain the course his son set.

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1/8 is more than enough to matter it seems

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One drop rule

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@John Mosby He will be venerated, if we win in here.

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Can’t take any chances

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I mean, Lauren Southern has admitted to being like 1/8 kike before, in retrospect it kinda makes sense

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For anyone interested in learning more about Codreanu, then I suggest his book:

This is the guidebook given to all officers (Nest Leaders). I think it should be required reading for all TWP officers:

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@TLC-Alex_ Your avatar is off-center and that bothers me.

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I know, can't do anything about that.

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The Jews did this

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And I'm tired of trying to find the good position for it so I gave up.

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@John Mosby I'll definitely give it a read cracker.

Perhaps we could have some kind of liturgy or something at our upcoming social

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We can do a Reader Service, if y'all want.

2017-11-29 23:22:57 UTC  

That would be nice.

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That sounds excellent.

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I never though I'd say this but I'm with @⚡The-Chronic☀ on this one

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@Fevs I knew you’d come around and agree with me some day

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I have some old Celtic Services, that were given to me when I was an Oblate.

They are very hard to find, and amazing.

We could do our Orthodox Service cracker style.

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@⚡The-Chronic☀ White sharia jokes are still funny tho

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white jihad > white sharia

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@Kombat-Unit#0484 This resource is gay wtf

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wait did this nigga leave the server

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@Kombat-Unit#0484 test

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He's not showing up for me

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only finns and honorary finns can tag him

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Something something filthy mongolians

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