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2017-05-02 02:36:02 UTC  

I agree with you there. We could be that way if we were allowed to express our white identity, I think. The black movements were like feminism. Everyone has equal rights now, so we can stop being "victims".

2017-05-02 02:37:00 UTC  

I think with all races/genders on equal footing now, going back to traditional ways is the logical next step.

2017-05-02 02:38:13 UTC  

Meaning living separately, acting like proper men and women and not producing racially ambiguous mongrels.

2017-05-02 02:41:01 UTC  

^ Completely agree. Fuck (((Feminism))) and (((Civil Rights))).

2017-05-02 02:50:12 UTC  

Yea at this point its explicitly anti-white

2017-05-02 02:52:45 UTC  

Yeah, it is. And feminism is Jewish cultural engineering aimed at harming white males specifically.

2017-05-02 02:53:23 UTC  

Because white males are the highest achievement of human evolution.

2017-05-02 02:55:30 UTC  

As long as they can push the Oppressor narrative, we will always lose unless we pull together. Because the rest of the world will always be justified in their actions against us if the Overton Window sees whites as oppressors.

2017-05-02 02:56:11 UTC  

Damn straight. Eventually this (((Jewish))) alienation will end and White Men will be able to remove those penny pinchers everywhere in sight!

2017-05-02 02:56:13 UTC  

They feel its time for a paradigm shift. That what whites have brought needs to be undone and changed. And I agree. Im done being the people that are trying to hold this world together.

2017-05-02 02:56:34 UTC  

Its not up to us anymore. We will build our walls and let the world do as it may.

2017-05-02 02:56:44 UTC  

Also! We must institute WHITE SHARIA!

2017-05-02 02:59:52 UTC  

I suggest a book from 2004 to you people called Clash of Civilizations. Its a look at the past and present on the effects culture has on Govt and society, and the author presents theories on where the world is headed based on that. Westernism and Democracy arent going to survive on a global scale. Im done trying to fight for that shit as an "idea". Its only our people that truly care about it. And its time to drop it.

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I would be deeply interested in what the author thinks in this present day.

2017-05-02 03:01:44 UTC  

I haven't read that. I'll check it out.

2017-05-02 03:02:15 UTC  

Its one of my first ones from Audible :)

2017-05-02 03:03:00 UTC  

@AltCelt(IL) interestingly there was a Croatian Historian who found out that despite Bosniaks practicing Islam they never inter bred w/ Ottoman Turks.

2017-05-02 03:03:51 UTC  

The evidence is there. No matter religion.. Everyone else is tribal as all fuck.

2017-05-02 03:05:00 UTC  

And it was the cause of many Bosniak Rebellions against The Ottomans.

2017-05-02 03:05:09 UTC  

Im trying to get this message across to a Christian friend of mine. But honestly its hard... I was born with this. I was exposed to the further side at a young age. Its hard expecting others to swallow that red pill at this age haha

2017-05-02 03:06:44 UTC  

And you can see why I dont mind Bosniaks (or Muslim Bosnians). Hell it was because of that very ethnic homogeneity of The Bosniaks that Ante Pavelic added them (as well as Roman Catholic Croats) into The Ustase.

2017-05-02 03:07:46 UTC  

I even seen Bosniak comments saying that "Allah (or The Islamic God) is Bosnian!".

2017-05-02 03:08:46 UTC  

Yea I honestly dont have an issue with the groups themselves such as Muslims in that I hope one day they can have their lands back. Theyve contributed alot to history and science. But its been perverted into destroying the West now that the West has taken that from them in the name of the Kikes.

2017-05-02 03:09:17 UTC  

But thats in theory. At this stage.. Yes, war needs to be waged against them in our own lands.

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Well if anything we need to tell them the real enemy is not Whites but the (((Jewish Bolsheviks))) and (((Royal Family))).

2017-05-02 03:10:40 UTC  

They know that.

2017-05-02 03:10:52 UTC  

But they see us as their war machine

2017-05-02 03:11:09 UTC  

And theyre kind of correct. And now Europe pays the price.

2017-05-02 03:12:33 UTC  

Damn. 👿

2017-05-02 03:12:38 UTC  

And theyve also abandoned alot of the tribalism. They want to blantantly mate with our women to make children and phase us out.

2017-05-02 03:13:10 UTC  

I see. Goddammit 👿

2017-05-02 03:19:48 UTC  

I think the middle-eastern Muslims are innately war-like, but that's a spirit that invites progress when channeled properly. That doesn't mean I want to share my country with them. I'd cooperate with them to dismantle Israel, though, I guess.

2017-05-02 03:35:22 UTC  

Blacks and Latinos directly benefitting from Jews. Asians pretty much just doing their own thing, which is how theyve always been in history. Whites and those from the Middle-East are directly under fire by Jews, but cannot cooperate and are set against each other.

2017-05-02 03:35:31 UTC  

Thats the basics... I guess lop

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Right! You summed that up nicely.

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Here's a good website to redpill nogs

2017-05-02 04:36:26 UTC

Darryl Nigger Jenkins is putting out license plates