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Eulogy 2017-11-08 04:38:13

If that never happened do you think they would still be together?

Mr. Hughes 2017-11-08 04:38:16

well slow down

fassel 2017-11-08 04:38:28

Fuck you im going to bed fuck you

Kombat-Unit 2017-11-08 04:38:33


Mr. Hughes 2017-11-08 04:38:34


The Inquisitor [☧] 2017-11-08 04:38:34

k, g'night

Odalman 2017-11-08 04:38:34


Eulogy 2017-11-08 04:38:35

If the dox never happened - would they still be married?

Mr. Hughes 2017-11-08 04:38:43

the better question is

Mr. Hughes 2017-11-08 04:38:46

are they still married

Odalman 2017-11-08 04:38:48

Fass, you were supposed to go to sleep over an hour ago.

Odalman 2017-11-08 04:38:53

Go to bed old man!

Mr. Hughes 2017-11-08 04:38:55

he could have said fuck the movement and just quit TRS

The Inquisitor [☧] 2017-11-08 04:38:55

@Mr. Hughes as far as we can determine, yes

Mr. Hughes 2017-11-08 04:38:59


The Inquisitor [☧] 2017-11-08 04:39:01

(he should have)

Mr. Hughes 2017-11-08 04:39:01

well wtf

Kombat-Unit 2017-11-08 04:39:11

If the dox never happened would people still think Ghoul is straight?

The Inquisitor [☧] 2017-11-08 04:39:20

Searches of New York divorce records, which are publicly available, have turned up nothing

fassel 2017-11-08 04:39:21

Mike is str8 up or guy. Fuck u if u disagree. Focus ur energy on the am nat dividers

John Mosby 2017-11-08 04:39:45

Why focus on anyone in the movement?

Why not just worry about what we do?

The Inquisitor [☧] 2017-11-08 04:40:28

Because having untrustworthy individuals as major celebrities/leaders is a bad praxis

Kamrin 2017-11-08 04:42:00

@fassel is one of my most dedicated and solid guys on the local level.

Odalman 2017-11-08 04:42:24

Yeah, Fass is a good guy.

fassel 2017-11-08 04:42:30

Im goin to bed. Anyone countersignalling mike probably never met him

The Inquisitor [☧] 2017-11-08 04:42:39

I've met him

The Inquisitor [☧] 2017-11-08 04:42:44

his nose is even more breathtaking in person

Kamrin 2017-11-08 04:42:46

U guys dissagree on this stuff but ultimately our leaders should tell us how is on our side

Kamrin 2017-11-08 04:42:53

I think anyway

fassel 2017-11-08 04:43:14

Dude he has a goy nose wtf

fassel 2017-11-08 04:43:21


Kamrin 2017-11-08 04:43:33

Like if matt h or p say we dont kick it with trs then fine

fassel 2017-11-08 04:44:04

God damn dude. Late night this channel gets off the rails im out for tonight

Kamrin 2017-11-08 04:44:12

Until then i am gonna treat them like friendlies

Kamrin 2017-11-08 04:44:19

Lol yeah man

fassel 2017-11-08 04:44:25


Kamrin 2017-11-08 04:44:42

Peace dude

Odalman 2017-11-08 04:44:48

Fasssss go to bed. G'night

Kamrin 2017-11-08 04:45:07

I got to call my brother anyways so peace.

Justin Burger (Major-GA) 2017-11-08 04:45:14

I met and talked to him in person, he was invited, and he seemed like a solid guy.

John Mosby 2017-11-08 04:46:01

@The Inquisitor [☧]

I hate the celebrity shit, especially when freshcuts are treated like ideologues.

That being said, us sitting here discussing them only helps build said status (even bad attention is still attention).

I only care about TWP and what we do...piss on the rest, tbh.