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2018-07-02 21:08:13 UTC  

@everyone <@&245854781644603392>
Nobody is too keen to police names unless they are really shit or unless somebody is annoyed by a name and reports it. Posting this here for visibility.

Also here is a guideline for admins who may end up dealing with this:

1. Tell the guy that their name is bad and rename them (preferably ask them if they have a preferred name).
2. If they come back with the same or an equally bad name in future rounds warn them about it and change the name again.
3. If they keep coming with outright shit names afterwards just refer to rule six and direct them to forums so they can appeal their ban.

^ this is also relevant to the players who will have to deal with this, now you know how things will progress.

2018-07-12 18:44:48 UTC  

Highly relevant to everyone

2018-07-13 17:15:42 UTC  

May or may not be highly relevant to you if you care about this

2018-07-22 18:11:38 UTC  

if you are a đź…±*tch n#@@! this is highly relevant to you

2018-07-22 19:29:39 UTC  

very relevant if you are a shitter

2018-09-05 20:42:48 UTC  

"Clamp down on shitty names"

2019-01-23 02:07:44 UTC  

In events such as a Thrall joining the Revolutionaries, follow both but the Supernatural supersedes indoctrination
Up for review if this isn't satisfactory

2019-01-23 02:08:39 UTC  


2019-03-14 23:23:37 UTC  

White smoke rises from the Sistine Chapel. A new Headmin has been elected.

2019-04-30 20:14:52 UTC  

As a reminder - Ban Appeals can't be done over Discord

2019-05-10 05:24:52 UTC  

@everyone @here
It'll be slow but the mass ban will be undone

2019-06-05 20:21:57 UTC  

There is planned downtime 2019-06-29 that will last about 12 hours due to a network upgrade at the host's datacenter.

2019-06-25 19:59:56 UTC  

Reminder that there will be 12 hours of downtime this coming saturday (jun 29th) that will last from about 9am to 9pm EST

2019-08-02 01:49:40 UTC  


Remember that this server is low-RP, not no RP. We're going to start cracking down on people who can't figure that out. Slang is fine - but shitters and self-antagonizers beware.

```Joseph Goebbels [Common] (Station Engineer) asks, "Why does station always instantly call when its cult round? cept on lmaprey station, can we go back there?"```

Cut crap like this out.

From Pomf: you're a spessman on a spess station so at least make some effort to act like it you faggots.

2019-08-02 02:01:31 UTC  

Remember: It's not a bannable offense if everyone finds it funny

Rule 0 goes both ways

2019-10-04 20:33:36 UTC  

The basement floor of roleplay is having immersive names. There are exceptions like clowns and silicons but for general crew we want you to name yourself something appropriate. If you see someone with a bad name, ahelp it. Admins will do their best to keep up RP standards but this is a two way street. Without your active participation, we won't notice every single person joining the round. With your participation, we can maintain standards.

What is an immersive name? It's something with no strict definition and is impossible to exhaustively list. It's easier to spot something that does not belong. If the name is plainly out of character like XxXDiGGerNicKXxX that's obvious. Likewise, names no mother would ever give you like Buck Fuckem are easy to identify. To be clear, pun names are okay as long as they are actual names. But there exists a gulf of gray area where the phrase "I'll know it when I see it" applies. This isn't very satisfying. The way forward is through that two way street. Feedback from players when a name is breaking their immersions and action from admins when appropriate. You and me cleaning this shit up one ahelp at a time.

Bottom line - If you see a name or other no-RP shit you take issue with, let us know that theres an issue.

2019-11-14 01:29:12 UTC  

Part of putting in the bare minimum effort to act like spessmen on a spess station is remembering that crime is the spice of life, not the main course. We know it sometimes seems like this is a server where you can destroy everything that gets between you and that shiny pair of glubbs or the Spare, but it's not and it's time to act like it.

Sure, Security exists. But if they have to rush out of the brig to haul your ass to perma 1 minute after the round starts, then something’s wrong and the admins have to step in. The reverse applies to Security too. The redtide does not have a license to put the boots to everyone they catch being a shitter. They should apply THE LAW as each situation warrants. This isn’t a major American city so I don’t want to keep seeing shootouts that leave nonantags dead and out of the round because of a stupid tussle and bad escalation.

These standards aren't coming from nowhere. The server used to be a hell of a lot stricter about enforcing a certain style of gameplay and I don't want to bring back the Pain Train or the Day of the Rope. We have a tradition of letting players control their own rounds that I don't want to ruin, but current level of shittery is too high and we'll be handing out bans for those that make every round about their bullshit.

To help us enforce this policy, we are now recruiting admins who can be active from 2AM-2PM Eastern Standard Time. Post an application on the forums if you think you're tough enough.

2019-11-28 23:23:14 UTC  

Like all of our other bans, Discord bans should be appealed on the forums from now on. Don't PM an admin asking for an unban as it will not work.

2020-01-26 08:12:10 UTC  

@everyone As always, live-streaming the game will net you an instant permaban. Obviously mistakes were made tonight but they will not recur. Do not stream here if you enjoy playing here.