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2017-07-12 00:05:45 UTC  

To my face, anyway. 😂

2017-07-12 00:05:54 UTC  

Lol right.

2017-07-12 00:08:19 UTC  

Even my mom wants to go. Shes redpilled and wants to see richard Spencer 😂

2017-07-12 00:10:24 UTC  

The only problem I have with women at events is if you think you're going to get into an altercation with Antifa, at which point you become a liability. You should go. Dress classy. Act classy. (Which I'm sure you would anyway) and it will be a great day.

2017-07-12 00:10:26 UTC  

Do it, in our last rally we had an old lady who had been in the Bund Deutscher Mädel. : D

2017-07-12 00:11:12 UTC  

Me and my Appalachian mother arw coming. For sure. And thanks for beinf supportive its helped me to nit feel so ragey lol

2017-07-12 00:12:23 UTC  

I seriously never encountered that attitude from males. I show up alone not infrequently, too.

2017-07-12 00:13:16 UTC  

That's awesome.

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2017-07-12 00:13:48 UTC  

She had lived in the Third Reich, so she knows what Europe lost.

2017-07-12 00:15:45 UTC  

@lurlina | WV will you be with TWP at this event, or another group?

2017-07-12 00:16:08 UTC  

Oh yeah, and good luck with your events and whatnot.

2017-07-12 00:17:07 UTC  

@Kombat-Unit I'm sure you'll be among the first to know how it goes. Thanks. 🙋🏼

2017-07-12 00:17:52 UTC  

I'll be in your neck of the woods the following month.

2017-07-12 00:18:05 UTC  

Yeah, I heard there's going to be a movement representative, so might even hear in person.

2017-07-12 00:18:13 UTC  

Atm I don't know. I am going with other people though so I won't be alone anyway. I was going to ley the boys figure out what were doing and who were sticking with.

2017-07-12 00:18:36 UTC  

Well, if you DM me I'll give you my phone number.

2017-07-12 00:19:10 UTC  

But I don't see you having any problem whatsoever with our white people.

2017-07-12 00:57:26 UTC  

How do you upload videos? I have some boxing matches from where we've been training for Charlottesville

2017-07-12 00:58:32 UTC  

@Dylan We'll begin your training when you come tomorrow

2017-07-12 01:05:36 UTC  

Heil Heimbach

2017-07-12 01:10:41 UTC

2017-07-12 01:21:44 UTC  

Thats been my phone background for a while lol

2017-07-12 02:19:02 UTC  

Invite to Cville discord?

2017-07-12 02:20:37 UTC  

That picture sums up well the would be faith of the Reich. A renewal of the Aryan sun faith through Christ as the ideal crucified solar savior archetype fused with the folkish pagan aspects that predated him and laid the foundation for his coming. As Eckart said, our ancestors were already Christian without knowing it, having known Mithra, Horus, Baldur, Wotan, etc.

2017-07-12 02:30:04 UTC  

@☦Colton of Yore☦ Have you read Eckart? Wonderful author.

2017-07-12 02:31:24 UTC  

"Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin", one of my favorite short texts, if not favorite.

2017-07-12 02:35:06 UTC  

One of my favorite texts. Eckhart was close to the Fuhrer. A mentor in many ways

2017-07-12 02:35:46 UTC  

If you're in EH check out Karl Maria Wiligut.

2017-07-12 02:37:31 UTC  

Did he write anything that's been published? I've seen people refer to him but not really original texts by him.

2017-07-12 02:41:44 UTC  

I've found only two bookz, the secret king and another whose title eludes my memory

2017-07-12 02:42:21 UTC  

It is extremely deep. I suggest starting out with sigfied alfred kummer

2017-07-12 02:43:40 UTC  

Well I'm already through Savitri, Serrano, Battersby, Holzner and Wettenhovi so I might be up for it. Thanks for the tip.

2017-07-12 02:44:33 UTC  

No problem brother. I only recognize the first two names. Thanks you as well.

2017-07-12 02:46:22 UTC  

Great, then I can drop a few suggestions myself: Battersby's The Holy Book Of Adolf Hitler, Anton Holzner's pretty much entire production, Eternal Front, Priest Power, God's Law, Master Life. I doubt Wettenhovi has been translated.

2017-07-12 02:47:39 UTC  

Holzner isn't strictly EH, but I can without much reservations say all EHs will enjoy his writings immensely. A former priest who dropped the church and joined SS. His observations are just amazing.

2017-07-12 02:47:51 UTC  

I shall read into them. Have you heard of Dr. Rudolph Steiner. Thank you again!!!

2017-07-12 02:48:56 UTC  

No, I haven't, he wasn't NS though, was he? Would you recommend checking him?

2017-07-12 02:49:05 UTC  

And yeah, you welcome, I love that this channel has so many EHs.

2017-07-12 02:50:38 UTC  

Hmm, Rudolf Steiner was written about Bhagavad Gita and Kalevala, I'll have to check this out.