Message from Arcturus in tradworker #tradworker

2017-12-05 00:22:35 UTC  

Hmm let me see...Black Israelites.

2017-12-05 00:22:48 UTC  

first and foremost.

2017-12-05 00:24:07 UTC  

I'm one of those ebil internet nazi larpers @parrott

2017-12-05 00:24:33 UTC  

Blow it out your ass.

2017-12-05 00:24:52 UTC  

We've done nothing to oppose your organization. We've been supportive of your work while everybody else has counter-signaled you.

2017-12-05 00:25:13 UTC  

We're consistently NS. We're promoting NS. We're abiding NS.

2017-12-05 00:25:17 UTC  

Uhh... Kay. I'm not shitting in you guys?

2017-12-05 00:25:23 UTC  

Nor have I?

2017-12-05 00:25:26 UTC  

Fight it out at AmRen.

2017-12-05 00:25:40 UTC  

No. You guys are. You guys are flooding our channel with feudposting bullshit.

2017-12-05 00:25:45 UTC  

GoyFundMe pay-per-view

2017-12-05 00:30:21 UTC  

I can back that up. I know people who refuse to get on this channel because of all the infighting and drama. People who we would benefit from having around.

2017-12-05 00:30:25 UTC  

It may have been my fault I just wanted to share what mcnabb looks like

2017-12-05 00:31:11 UTC  


2017-12-05 00:31:16 UTC  

well, you know what they say about purity

2017-12-05 00:31:50 UTC  

Looks like a scfi character I saw once

2017-12-05 00:34:53 UTC  

Does he always where his medic shit

2017-12-05 00:36:04 UTC  

He was wearing the medic stuff in DC

2017-12-05 00:36:22 UTC  

It was his first time on cam

2017-12-05 00:44:11 UTC  

Cantwell was granted bail today.

2017-12-05 00:45:25 UTC  

Mcnabb is good but for the love of god he needs to get rid of the gauges

2017-12-05 00:45:58 UTC  

gauges that big im pretty sure you need surgey to close them shits

2017-12-05 00:46:15 UTC  

just cut off the ear lobes I don't care

2017-12-05 00:47:02 UTC  


2017-12-05 00:47:15 UTC  

110% PURE

2017-12-05 00:47:25 UTC  

1488% PURE

2017-12-05 00:47:40 UTC  

6000000% PURE!

2017-12-05 00:47:46 UTC  


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2017-12-05 00:48:00 UTC  

Didn't know the ability to not miscegenate was some kind of superpower

2017-12-05 00:48:10 UTC  


2017-12-05 00:48:30 UTC  

brb, making my "Spiralman" costume

2017-12-05 00:48:55 UTC  


2017-12-05 00:48:56 UTC  

Dude that would be excellent.

2017-12-05 00:49:37 UTC  

You've seen the MAGA types wearing kekistan flags as capes? Imma wear a swazi flag as a cape and fly around punching racemixers

2017-12-05 00:49:56 UTC  

On second thought, I like "Captain Purity" better than "Spiralman"

2017-12-05 00:50:09 UTC  

No reason not to do both

2017-12-05 00:50:12 UTC  

@PuritySpiraler I will pay for your costume if you actully do it

2017-12-05 00:50:15 UTC  

like no shit

2017-12-05 00:51:48 UTC  

No joke, I **DO** think that purity spiralling is a white thing, and I **DO** think it is a good thing. What I **DON'T** think is a good thing is purity spiralling ON THE INTERNET.