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2018-02-27 23:57:02 UTC  

Who, I might add, is just a charicatur of right wingers

2018-02-27 23:58:18 UTC  

Is Mike Judge a jew?

2018-02-27 23:58:59 UTC  

Nope. But the rest of the production staff reads like a Palestinian phone book

2018-02-28 00:00:40 UTC  

They proly produced it but his stuff was always a perspective of whites, it seems. Youre not wrong on how theyre presented.. I guess its just the context. Beavis and Butthead, Hill, and Office Space all have a pretty distinctly white perspective. Though.. I can see how King of the Hill is a little more jewey

2018-02-28 00:02:57 UTC  

It could be a worse soy boy perspective like Kevin Smith lol

2018-02-28 00:05:42 UTC  

It is a very implicitly white show

2018-02-28 00:05:51 UTC  


2018-02-28 00:06:49 UTC  

Now what about the coen brothers ?

2018-02-28 00:07:16 UTC  

Or (((cohen)))

2018-02-28 00:07:20 UTC  

Not sure

2018-02-28 00:07:28 UTC  

Dont fuck with Big Lebowski!

2018-02-28 00:07:50 UTC  

Didnt they do No Country For Old Men?

2018-02-28 00:07:57 UTC  


2018-02-28 00:08:03 UTC  

Either way they stay more wholesome I guess

2018-02-28 00:08:08 UTC  

No degeneracy

2018-02-28 00:08:17 UTC  

They also did a film that put a lens on the jewish

2018-02-28 00:08:30 UTC  

Thats my biggest hangup nowadays on if a movie has substance

2018-02-28 00:09:03 UTC  

Not specifically looking at their power structure but more criticizing the overall culture of jews in I think the 70-80 whenever the film was based in

2018-02-28 00:09:48 UTC  

And then youve got fargo

2018-02-28 00:10:13 UTC  

But Im bot sure if the tv show can be counted as a part of their filmworks

2018-02-28 00:10:35 UTC  

KotH was pretty blatantly trying to normalize the weak white man archetype. Same with Office Space and B&B. Mike Judge will swing on DotR

2018-02-28 00:10:55 UTC  

It makes me laugh, but no exceptions

2018-02-28 00:10:58 UTC  

But his narrow urethra

2018-02-28 00:11:04 UTC  

And flat ass

2018-02-28 00:37:33 UTC  

Judd is a goy, Coen brothers are jews

2018-02-28 00:39:50 UTC  

@fassel they dissin yo shit in here boy

2018-02-28 00:47:48 UTC  

Whatchu mean? A nigga tryna disraspek?

2018-02-28 01:25:48 UTC  

Raisinets are healthy right? Because they’re raisins?

2018-02-28 01:26:23 UTC  

Yeah totally

2018-02-28 01:26:38 UTC  

I'm eating local wine, sourdough, and five days stew

2018-02-28 01:27:10 UTC  

Real peasant hours

2018-02-28 01:32:51 UTC  

That doesn’t sound bad though

2018-02-28 02:27:14 UTC  

Dude if you had local beer you would be anglo peasant chad

2018-02-28 02:29:04 UTC  

Chad peasant food nationalism

2018-02-28 06:14:08 UTC  

^favorite army of all time

2018-02-28 18:09:13 UTC  


Choose one

2018-02-28 18:09:32 UTC  


2018-02-28 18:09:37 UTC  

I choose beer

2018-02-28 18:09:45 UTC  


2018-02-28 18:34:07 UTC  

I like beer

2018-02-28 18:34:11 UTC  

Beer is nice