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Havvoc 2018-01-15 18:28:34

are both of your parents huwhite?

Citizen Shane 2018-01-15 18:28:41

@SangreyHonor88 - Yeah, a lot of different cultures have various shades of whiteness - esp. in India.

SangreyHonor88 2018-01-15 18:28:51

Mediterranean bloodline

SangreyHonor88 2018-01-15 18:28:56

but culturally hispanic

Havvoc 2018-01-15 18:28:56

yeah youre white

SangreyHonor88 2018-01-15 18:29:15

like music food and everything is spanish but not mestizo

Havvoc 2018-01-15 18:30:13

if youre not white then a lot of people in the mediterannean arent white.

Tarnfurt 2018-01-15 20:46:41


Tarnfurt 2018-01-15 20:47:27

a lot of people in the Mediterrannean *aren't* White

Tarnfurt 2018-01-15 20:47:54

a ton of them are heavily mixed with semitic and/or north african blood

Tarnfurt 2018-01-15 20:48:12

A good chunk remain as Aryan Mediterranid stock, though

Citizen Shane 2018-01-15 21:05:15

@Havvoc Oh god, the purity-spiralling strikes again.

Fash Dragon 2018-01-15 21:05:25

Oh Jesus don't start with the meds aren't white stuff please

Fash Dragon 2018-01-15 21:05:40

It's not helpful

Citizen Shane 2018-01-15 21:06:44

You're right - Mussolini wasn't white enough. The Inventor of Fascism wasn't white enough. My bad, broh

Citizen Shane 2018-01-15 21:07:07

"If you're white enough to be a target for white genocide, then you're white enough for me."

Fash Dragon 2018-01-15 21:07:21

I like that^

Citizen Shane 2018-01-15 21:07:24


Vic_Mackey 2018-01-15 21:33:46

@SangreyHonor88 you are white in America

Vic_Mackey 2018-01-15 21:34:26

Idiot burgers that think Spanish = spic still know people from Spain are white

Vic_Mackey 2018-01-15 21:34:54

They just don't make that connection between Spain and Spanish, funny enough

MACrusader 2018-01-15 21:35:10

Lol truth ^

Vic_Mackey 2018-01-15 21:35:48

There's been a few times where I've had people look at my name and question it lol

MACrusader 2018-01-15 21:35:48

There are white people in North America & there are white people in South America

MACrusader 2018-01-15 21:36:11

Its not a difficult concept

Vic_Mackey 2018-01-15 21:36:31

"I'm paternally Spanish"
"Uh, you don't look Mexican"

MACrusader 2018-01-15 21:39:15


MACrusader 2018-01-15 21:39:57

Its America though we just Generalize everything for simplicities sake

MACrusader 2018-01-15 21:40:18

Everything south of the border is a Mexican

SangreyHonor88 2018-01-15 21:46:35

my ex was a tall huwhite green eyed french mexican.

MACrusader 2018-01-15 21:54:43

Im just sayin its a simplicity thing

SangreyHonor88 2018-01-15 22:03:45

and plus the media also mexicans are the largest group of latin americans that come here.

Commander Davis (TWP) 2018-01-15 22:12:44

Commander Davis (TWP) 2018-01-15 22:46:33

Fevs 2018-01-15 23:00:51

no talking in this chat stfu

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FashyGoy1488 2018-01-16 01:58:09

So much good propaganda though

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-16 01:58:20


Hand Banana 2018-01-16 12:01:54

Don't post things like that pls

Hand Banana 2018-01-16 12:02:25

@ghostofthevolk can you throw the website on the one with the gold cog and white hand