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And it is my given right to protect it.

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What is everyones opinion on the Branch Davidians and the Waco Siege?

2018-03-01 11:31:41 UTC  

Although the Branch Davidians were weird, the ATF had no business laying siege to their church. They had even less business inviting the media in to show off their firepower. They could have accomplished everything they wanted to if they were to just knock on the door and talk to David Karesh. They didn't have any illegal firearms or explosives. Now on the other hand, a lot of those children should have been taken away from them, since there was a lot of abuse going on. Can't really do that when you burn 'em all to death though

2018-03-01 12:13:36 UTC  

I have a kinda weird connection to the Branch Davidians being that I was raised 7th Day Adventist and Koresh was an offshoot of the Church. His views on prophecy and the 2300 day one in particular mirrored the church up the point where he went a little nuts. The child abuse was directly tied to his views on child marriage and taking multiple wives. A hundred years ago nobody would have batted an eye.

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None of that warranted the ATF raiding the place AFTER they knew the Davidians had advance warning

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And nothing warrented the feds burning the compound

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Watching the ATF get cut down and retreat in defeat was probably one of the best days I recall in my youth

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(((Global trade)))

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Jews were behind it like most opoid pushers

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Atleast in part

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(((Big Pharma)))

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Can't blame the Anglo, they were the Jews last puppet before jumping onto us.

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The highest paid Pharma ceo is jewish

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(((Pure coincidence)))

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What do you know? 2nd highest paid is also jewish

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Let’s see third highest paid...

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Third highest paid ceo

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Also jewish

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Just for fun I’ll look up the 4th highest paid Pharma ceo

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Bing bing bing

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Also jewish

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I think I’ll stop now

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Here’s the full list

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Literally all kikes

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I knew but I never looked it up online until now

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Even Kenneth Frazier?

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He’s not jewish

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The top 5 are 100% jewish though

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I’m sick of all the highest paid and most powerful people always being Jewish