Message from Jelly MI in Operation Wolverine #verified

2018-02-24 06:41:34 UTC  

Once it's up, we'll do some testing and then start inviting friends.

2018-02-24 06:54:04 UTC  

For threema, I know people who've left discord to use threema only to come back because threema isn't as user friendly. I've only spent like 5 minutes on threema and feel that it's nowhere near as convenient while offering probably marginal security benefits.

2018-02-24 06:58:15 UTC  

Start postering this asap. Lets get the word out!

2018-02-24 07:10:49 UTC

2018-02-24 07:10:53 UTC  

2018-02-24 07:11:34 UTC  

@Deimos-MI threema isn't of shit posting though.

2018-02-24 07:12:33 UTC  

That's not what I was thinking of.

2018-02-24 07:12:42 UTC  

It is good for operations and as a backup plan if main shitposting lines go down

2018-02-25 02:41:58 UTC  

Uniform is khackis and blue polo correct?

2018-02-25 03:21:47 UTC  

Correct, however....

2018-02-25 03:23:21 UTC  

We are NOT attending the gathering on the 4th in Detroit or the speech in Lansing on the 5th in uniform. Dress casual, but dress nice. DO bring your khakis and polos, you will need them later in the evening on the 5th.

2018-02-25 03:23:24 UTC  

2018-02-25 03:28:33 UTC  

Are we going black jackets hard and fast or can I wear my blue pea coat?

2018-02-25 03:42:36 UTC  

Preferably black, but dark is fine.

2018-02-25 03:42:54 UTC  

You and @@Patrick MI can rock the blue pea coats together.

2018-02-25 03:43:14 UTC  

I can go black Carharrt or blue peacoat

2018-02-25 03:43:22 UTC  


2018-02-25 03:44:04 UTC  

What about black dickies with black carharrt and stahlhelm

2018-02-25 04:08:10 UTC  


2018-02-25 04:08:41 UTC  

Can you pick up some baby chickens and cow feed too while you're at Tractor Supply?

2018-02-25 04:13:21 UTC  

Lmao “cow feed”

2018-02-25 04:14:53 UTC  

Seriously tho. Your going to be thanking me when we have chickens to swing during yom kippur

2018-02-25 04:23:09 UTC  

Heimbach treats

2018-02-25 04:23:16 UTC  

Sin chickens

2018-02-25 05:37:40 UTC  

Can we get speech tickets for fence sitting normies? How are tickets to the speech being doled out?

2018-02-25 05:39:55 UTC  

FMI to groups or individuals attending. I'll get with Kyle and I'll follow up with you.

2018-02-25 05:43:24 UTC  

Thanks famalam

2018-02-25 09:09:36 UTC  

thats seriously the dumbest picture of spencer we could have used

2018-02-25 12:51:33 UTC  

It reminds me of Richard cheese

2018-02-25 15:58:51 UTC  

Lmao, I forgot about that guy.

2018-02-25 16:01:32 UTC  

Sheckles will be collected 3/4/18. Please have $40 on hand, and I will keep the hand rubbing to a minimum.

2018-02-25 16:01:51 UTC  

2018-02-25 20:27:16 UTC  

But how can you resist the interest goy?

2018-02-25 20:34:42 UTC  

@Patrick MI if you have poster ideas, we can certainly try something different.

2018-02-26 23:01:57 UTC  

Yeah I'm going to make one tonight.

2018-02-26 23:07:19 UTC  

I love the fashwave stuff they did for CVille. IL_Goy says he did most of those.

2018-02-26 23:24:45 UTC  

If you use irc, I'm encouraging #bestgoys as a fallback position if discord shoahs another server I'm on. You're all welcome to join @everyone

2018-02-26 23:25:18 UTC  

That irc is not vetted secure. Guard your speech there

2018-02-26 23:25:26 UTC  

2018-02-26 23:26:27 UTC  

I will be creating a server. I will inform you when it's up. End-to-end encrypted, hosted by me.