Message from @Deleted User

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2019-03-10 18:16:48 UTC  

@here, still looking someone?

2019-03-10 20:10:29 UTC  

I am indeed

2019-03-10 20:11:21 UTC  

@Deleted User if you wanna throw some of your art in the war wave chat and I'll give it a look

2019-03-10 22:13:29 UTC  

got a bunch of emojis for the chat, now we just need people

2019-03-10 22:13:46 UTC  


2019-03-10 22:21:53 UTC  


2019-03-10 22:22:38 UTC  

Gotta get our numbers up

2019-03-10 22:23:04 UTC  

yep i feel like since we will be posting more with 2 people our numbers will rise

2019-03-11 03:53:39 UTC  

We should probably start water marking our content with a little Patriot wave text down in the coroner of our art

2019-03-11 04:47:26 UTC  


2019-03-11 04:47:33 UTC  

Already thought about it.

2019-03-11 19:45:24 UTC  

Nice I like the one you made

2019-03-12 00:07:46 UTC  

Would it be cool to setup a music channel?

2019-03-12 00:12:08 UTC  

Go for it man

2019-03-12 00:34:55 UTC  

Anything you think of to improve the server just go for it

2019-03-12 01:34:51 UTC  


2019-03-14 00:38:24 UTC  

Russians must have taken out Facebook

2019-03-14 00:38:50 UTC  

Shits still dead

2019-03-14 02:03:58 UTC  

Oh we can post now, one finally went through

2019-03-14 13:04:11 UTC  

Yeah finally got mine to go thru after like the 5th try

2019-03-21 20:23:44 UTC  

About to hit 100 likes already at 100 following