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2019-06-20 01:32:17 UTC  

Thanks for sharing the info

2019-06-20 01:32:25 UTC  

That's what we're here for chief

2019-06-20 01:32:54 UTC  

If you want my take on it tbh

2019-06-20 01:33:03 UTC  

Do something in the military you cannot do in the civilian world at all

2019-06-20 01:33:16 UTC  

I know the common advice is to do something that will translate into a civilian career

2019-06-20 01:33:20 UTC  

and that's very sound wisdom

2019-06-20 01:33:27 UTC  

but you're only in your 20's once

2019-06-20 01:33:54 UTC  

If you wanna go do cool adrenaline pumping high speed shit that you can't do anywhere else now is the time to do it

2019-06-20 01:33:59 UTC  

that being said again

2019-06-20 01:34:16 UTC  

It is still not a bad idea to join a technical job

2019-06-20 01:34:43 UTC  

If you're going to have that GI bill for things like college and trade school anyways then why not go blow some shit up while you can

2019-06-20 01:34:59 UTC  

and if your life sucks then just keep applying for cooler and cooler shit until you can't

2019-06-20 01:35:06 UTC  

my first line infantry unit was fucking garbage

2019-06-20 01:35:14 UTC  

I had to apply to get into my current task force in 2012

2019-06-20 01:35:21 UTC  

i'm still there and loved every second of it

2019-06-20 01:35:42 UTC  


2019-06-20 01:36:20 UTC  

Did you try to get to ranger school or something?

2019-06-20 01:36:26 UTC  

Yeah I went to ranger school

2019-06-20 01:36:30 UTC  

and airborne school

2019-06-20 01:36:31 UTC  

got tabbed

2019-06-20 01:36:43 UTC  

I'm part of a NORCOM/JSOC task force

2019-06-20 01:36:50 UTC  

we augment the 75th Rangers 3rd Bat

2019-06-20 01:37:20 UTC  

I got to do a lot of cool shit running drug raids in mexico with the mexican army and mexican national police

2019-06-20 01:37:37 UTC  

did a lot of federal LEO and FEMA schools/training for some missions

2019-06-20 01:37:59 UTC  

my leadership is all former rangers that wanted to recover

2019-06-20 01:38:08 UTC  

So I've had a great time with my command

2019-06-20 01:38:30 UTC  

Generally speaking in the military in the active duty there's always some packet MOS or some task force you can try to apply to

2019-06-20 01:39:11 UTC  

Civil Affairs/PSYOPS, WOFT(helicopter pilot), Special Forces, Army Rangers, Sapper Units, Diver, EOD, CID, etc

2019-06-20 01:39:23 UTC  

but you have to really try hard for stuff like that

2019-06-20 01:39:54 UTC  

Stuff like that are hard to get into and will work you hard but if you are willing to not be a shitbag and make excuses you'll make it through

2019-06-20 01:40:14 UTC  

Most everyone you hear complaining constantly hasn't really put in the work to try to leave their shitty situations

2019-06-20 01:40:28 UTC  


2019-06-20 01:40:53 UTC  

My dream to follow

2019-06-20 01:41:06 UTC  

Just got aprehensive about some things

2019-06-20 01:41:14 UTC  

The military as a whole is full of shit everywhere especially during peacetime garrison life nowadays

2019-06-20 01:41:20 UTC  

but it is what you make of it really

2019-06-20 01:41:41 UTC  

Everyone in the special operations or aviation community will tell you that

2019-06-20 01:42:03 UTC  

That it sucks?

2019-06-20 01:42:10 UTC  

No, that it is what you make of it

2019-06-20 01:42:25 UTC  

they all love their lives

2019-06-20 01:42:44 UTC