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2019-07-21 06:19:36 UTC  

@Foxhound you like?

2019-07-21 06:19:57 UTC  

I approve. Make a Wheraboo one and you might get a second chuckle lmao

2019-07-21 06:46:06 UTC  

Bois i'm getting back home from the date

2019-07-21 06:46:14 UTC  

Shit went really good

2019-07-21 06:46:24 UTC  

Did you receive the succ

2019-07-21 06:47:06 UTC  

I didn't we just had really fucking great time

2019-07-21 06:47:32 UTC  

And i respect her too much to just fuck her

2019-07-21 06:47:57 UTC  

succ is not fucc

2019-07-21 06:48:55 UTC  

Glad to hear that, Dante

2019-07-21 06:49:22 UTC  

You know what i mean

2019-07-21 06:49:44 UTC  

I’m kidding, glad to here that

2019-07-21 06:50:34 UTC  

My chica had to go to DC for a month, but she’s finally about to move back in time for this semester to start 🤮

2019-07-21 06:51:24 UTC  

I’m majoring in mechanical engineering and it lowkey makes me want to kms so much math bullshit

2019-07-21 06:52:26 UTC  

Shit sucks

2019-07-21 06:53:17 UTC  

I work as IT and i hate doing math bullshit

2019-07-21 06:53:28 UTC  

So i know your pain

2019-07-21 06:53:31 UTC  

A fellow mechanic here

2019-07-21 06:54:00 UTC  

Almost getting a mechatronic technical degree

2019-07-21 06:54:23 UTC  

Mechanical engineering is not the same as Automotive Technology

2019-07-21 06:54:36 UTC  

I know

2019-07-21 06:54:52 UTC  

Though I did complete the automotive program at my votech while still in highschool

2019-07-21 06:54:55 UTC  

Shits handy

2019-07-21 06:55:11 UTC  

Saves me hundreds if not thousands each year

2019-07-21 11:45:02 UTC  

@DAnteForneus I hated doing binary conversions when I first got into school for cyber security and digital forensics a few years ago.

2019-07-21 11:45:28 UTC  

@moses I do all my own work on my vehicles. I never go to a shop.

2019-07-21 14:00:57 UTC  

2019-07-21 14:01:09 UTC  


2019-07-21 14:06:21 UTC  

I want to fucking die

2019-07-21 14:06:27 UTC  

this hangover is going to kill me

2019-07-21 14:09:18 UTC

2019-07-21 14:10:23 UTC

2019-07-21 14:11:02 UTC  

I live in a constant state of fear and arousal

2019-07-21 14:11:21 UTC  

have you prayed to the true seraph of the cube for help

2019-07-21 14:11:25 UTC  

Everyone here

2019-07-21 14:11:51 UTC

2019-07-21 14:13:35 UTC  

@serv i just need to get my shit together puke and i will be fine

2019-07-21 14:14:11 UTC  

My stomach doesn't goes well when i'm mixing shit up

2019-07-21 14:15:00 UTC  

@DAnteForneus a couple days ago all I had to eat an entire day was 4 slices of two day old pizza half a bottle of bourbon and water

2019-07-21 14:15:45 UTC  

I'm saying don't mix alcohol and weed kids

2019-07-21 14:16:09 UTC  

In large amounts

2019-07-21 14:18:14 UTC  

Everyone I've ever known who has been a habitual marijuana user has at one point or another either burnt out, or changed to a very different, very unpleasant person.