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I'm back, bitches

I've licked a few of the weapon casings from those accidents

indian girls are qt


Typhoon you can tell because thicc double pressure hulls

I don't participate in that because I have a wife.

Up until the last month or two it's been a bonanza

I'm expecting good Black Friday deals this year to compensate for the lack of sales

I'm going to see about getting a shorter barrel for my AR. Fluted 18-inch looks nice, but it's a bit too long for me

@Sadmin why you never share my meme page posts

All of your elon's companies are in some state of failure, and that makes me a happy hippo


If you think that's 18 I've got some armor- piercing 22lr to sell ya

@Aryl e-form 1s are coming back in like a week

If you have your steam set to United States you're already doing it wrong

Imperial states of America

@Reichtangle no bulli libertarian

Kill off a person in the company and take his job

And then be his wife's rebound

How old are ya

Dang I'm only 29

Government contractors are still government employees by another name

Got to be smol brain retard to think otherwise

Is it possible to simply bribe homeless people to go out and set more fires

Glock are absolute garbage though

And if I was going to get a Glock why would I get a gen 3 abusive police trade-in, when I can get a new gen4 for only $100 more

Nukes for me, not for thee

What fucking mad lad

That basically means it's almost as good as Internet prices

Hunt fudds, hang their mustaches on the wall

maybe they shouldnt have spent months pussyfooting around and trying to manuever out of it


Legalize suicide. Let morgues offer assisted suicide as a service

And 17th and 18th century England, a whole fucking shit load of things were punishable by death

You could be put to death for stealing something worth only $300 today

We'll go there. Kill the men, take the women, and make a compound

shut up nigger

@Jpopsuki put a flaming bag of dogshit on the doorstep

Did you yell reeee when you did it

TBH that's beta af

Hunt the feds

Trim top to a 3 inchs, sides to a clipper size 2, square up back

Then you be ๐Ÿ…ฑoolin

Long hair belongs on women and animals

Don't be a fucking hippy

I had to Google who that is

252 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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