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2019-08-27 15:08:40 UTC  

Was in bands for like 10 years and got out of it a few years back and started actually doing what I like haha

2019-08-27 15:09:13 UTC  

Im not musically talented

2019-08-27 15:09:37 UTC  

If my mind gets going right im a pretty good lyricist

2019-08-27 15:18:00 UTC  

@One Shot Paddy. What about them

2019-08-27 15:18:46 UTC  

What ab what

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2019-08-27 15:19:11 UTC  

Oh they don’t know what it is

2019-08-27 15:19:22 UTC  

From where I go to school

2019-08-27 15:19:44 UTC  

I mean no one gives a shit because it's Ukraine to be honest

2019-08-27 15:20:19 UTC  

Make us some dope revolutionary war remixes

Azov is pretty badass tbh

2019-08-27 15:20:49 UTC  

Then you have pravi sector

I also like the separatists too tho, I lioe oth sides

like both*

2019-08-27 15:21:55 UTC  

The separatists are fucking scum of the earth

2019-08-27 15:22:02 UTC  

Not that I'd know

How so?

2019-08-27 15:22:31 UTC  

Not a conversation for here

Alrighty then?

2019-08-27 15:23:08 UTC  

Googled it and was like oh cool Ukrainian freedom fighters

2019-08-27 15:23:16 UTC  

....and there nazis.

2019-08-27 15:23:20 UTC  


2019-08-27 15:23:23 UTC  

Of course.

Azov isn't really Nazi, they only say that because it fits a certain narrative

I'm not putting down any side

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2019-08-27 15:24:31 UTC  


But slavs fighting slavs gives me weird feels. I do prefer their wars to the Kebab/islamic shithead conflicts

Because slavs have ACTUALL tactics and are legitimately badass

They don't screaming "allahu akubar" every ONE GOD DAMN SECONDS

2019-08-27 15:26:31 UTC  

I mean thats jihad tho

2019-08-27 15:26:37 UTC  

And jihad be globak

Yeah. jihad hella gay tbh

Unless it's chechen mujahideen freedom fighters

2019-08-27 15:27:25 UTC  

Russians aren't people