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2019-03-11 06:28:13 UTC

2019-03-11 06:28:31 UTC  

I did none of those things.

2019-03-11 06:28:39 UTC  

I think you just didn't like the image.

2019-03-11 06:28:47 UTC

2019-03-11 06:29:07 UTC  

And it violates server rules.

2019-03-11 06:29:35 UTC  

You keep posting these like it helps you but It doesn't since I didn't break a single rule.

2019-03-11 06:29:55 UTC  

I scanned through that image and only saw profanity.

2019-03-11 06:30:15 UTC

2019-03-11 06:30:30 UTC  

Again, you keep posting these like it helps you but It doesn't since I didn't break a single rule.

2019-03-11 06:30:48 UTC  

You argument for me breaking the rules is flawed you see.

2019-03-11 06:31:01 UTC  

You did, you just refuse to acknowledge that. And in the end, that’s a you problem.

2019-03-11 06:31:20 UTC  

No it isn't my problem since you deleted the perfectly fine image.

2019-03-11 06:31:42 UTC  

How about I put it in shitposts?

2019-03-11 06:31:51 UTC  

It wasn’t. I determined the language qualified as a graphic description and lewd, therefore NSFW.

2019-03-11 06:32:09 UTC  

Ok... let me try to explain this another way...

2019-03-11 06:32:15 UTC  

Do you have a job?

2019-03-11 06:32:31 UTC  

I can do that whole George Carlin skit it did back in the early 90's and I would get muted because it had bad words you're saying?

2019-03-11 06:32:41 UTC  

Do you have a job?

2019-03-11 06:32:51 UTC  

Yup, work as a mover.

2019-03-11 06:33:43 UTC  

Alright. Do you think you would be safe in your employment if you left a signed copy of that at each of the households you helped someone move into?

2019-03-11 06:34:06 UTC  

What a terrible example.

2019-03-11 06:34:25 UTC  

First, do I leave my name on this image?

2019-03-11 06:34:48 UTC  


2019-03-11 06:35:22 UTC  

And also no, because that would be quasi-vandalism.

2019-03-11 06:35:25 UTC  

Identical to how you left your username above the image on this site.

2019-03-11 06:36:05 UTC  

Well you see, I wouldn't be fired from Discord.

2019-03-11 06:36:23 UTC  

Alright, how about if you distributed signed copies to your coworkers and bosses in a similar fashion to that of this incident, without context.

2019-03-11 06:36:40 UTC  

hold on

2019-03-11 06:36:46 UTC  

Would you feel safe in your continued employment?

2019-03-11 06:39:34 UTC  

Well on Discord I have almost complete anonymity.

2019-03-11 06:40:28 UTC  

And also Isn't this a "free-speech political server"? Where in by I can express my political stance on an issue or bring something to light without being restricted by non-existent guidelines?

2019-03-11 06:42:20 UTC  

Is that getting your noggin' joggin'?

2019-03-11 06:42:35 UTC  

This is free speech within the confines of a private forum.

2019-03-11 06:42:42 UTC  

Welcome to Discord.

2019-03-11 06:43:02 UTC  

And you didn’t answer my question.

2019-03-11 06:43:14 UTC  

Right but my image doesn't break a single guideline and you just removed because you didn't like it and your paranoid.

2019-03-11 06:43:16 UTC  

I did.

2019-03-11 06:43:58 UTC  

Would you or would you not feel safe in your continued employment given the following?

2019-03-11 06:44:09 UTC  

I said no, because I don't have the same privileges in real life that I do on the interwebs.

2019-03-11 06:44:18 UTC  

Then it is “not safe for work”

2019-03-11 06:44:19 UTC  

I also answered it with a question.