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2019-02-20 22:19:48 UTC  

So for quite some time now, I’ve had people claim that Centrists (such as myself) lack any sort of conviction and merely “ride the fence” as opposed to those of us who just don’t find themselves within either either side of the political spectrum. The following is a sort of debunking of this notion, as well as a way by which I am able to express my general beliefs.

2019-02-20 22:23:31 UTC  

- The legal drinking age in the United States should be 18.

- There should be voluntary and compulsory taxes.

(Essentially the difference between the two is that stuff like hospitals, roads, bridges, schools etc. are social services we all use or benefit from in some capacity. Whereas stuff like universal healthcare, food stamps, welfare, etc. are not services we all use or have a use for, therefore it should be up to the discretion of the individual as to whether or not he or she pays these taxes.)

2019-02-20 22:25:54 UTC  

- No nation should be bound to coalitions of nations such as the EU or the UN. This is more or less just to protect their sovereignty and the make sure regulatory boundaries which only benefit select nations within these coalitions are not imposed on nations which have nothing to gain by them.

2019-02-20 22:27:53 UTC  

-Fascism and communism are sister systems and the horseshoe theory is less a theory and more an observable phenomenon.

2019-02-20 22:31:02 UTC  

- There are only two genders (male and female). If one wishes to transition between the two, they must first be tested for gender dysphoria and will NOT under any circumstances be allowed to transition before the age of 18. Any medical practitioner who violates this by giving hormones to children should have their medical licenses revoked.

2019-02-20 22:32:47 UTC  

- English needs to finally be recognized as the official language of the United States ffs already. Anyone seeking citizenship in the United States should first show proficiency in English, otherwise no entry shall be granted.

2019-02-20 22:37:08 UTC  

- Environmental regulations should still be enforced upon businesses, however, no more than what we currently have in place should be enacted unless new research proves previously-thought safe practices turn out to be detrimental to our environmental health.

(The reason I sat we halt any new regulation is because as it stands right now, the U.S. produces less green house emissions than Australian cows.)

2019-02-20 22:38:31 UTC  

- Give the alt-right some island out in the middle of nowhere so that can stop whining about their precious ethnostate. It’s not like we wanted them here in the first place.

2019-02-20 22:47:35 UTC  

- Equality over equity (before accounting for voluntary taxes); or in laymen’s terms: a single, flat tax rate for all citizens.

(This is hopefully going to curtail wasteful Washington spending and to lead to the fulfillment of my next point.)

2019-02-20 22:48:13 UTC  

- Less Government-funded social programs and absolutely no more bailouts for businesses.

2019-02-20 22:49:30 UTC  

- Abortion should be illegal in all cases unless the life of the mother is put into jeopardy by carrying the baby to term.

2019-02-20 22:51:11 UTC  

- Child protection services needs more funding and legal power. I’d go so far as to say that routine inspections and child licenses should be administered by the CPS in order to curtail child abuse.

2019-02-20 22:51:35 UTC  

(Yes, I recognize this as my most radical and authoritarian view.)

2019-02-20 22:52:50 UTC  

- Integration into the culture of the country you are immigrating to should be compulsory.

2019-02-20 22:54:42 UTC  

- The constitution should be amended to include a right to all information and knowledge (so long as it doesn’t jeopardize national security) should be free and readily accessible by anyone willing to seek it out.

2019-02-20 22:55:35 UTC  

- Space weapons are cool and we need to build more death-ray satellites.

2019-02-20 22:57:54 UTC  

- In addition, we need to figure out how to build some gravity tractors in orbit to protect the earth from asteroids and shit

2019-05-14 01:30:08 UTC  

-Homosexuality and Gender Dysphoria are not choices. One is heavily influenced by genetic and environmental factors, the other is a mental condition. As far as I can see, if you have no choice in the matter, you shouldn't be judged for it.

2019-05-14 01:30:36 UTC  

(This extends to race and to a slight degree, religion as well)

2019-05-14 01:33:54 UTC  

-Words should not be policed or limited just because some people find them hurtful. If we continue to exercise fear for words such as "nigger" then we perpetually lock ourselves in a cultural time vault wherein no social progress can be made (especially when we continue to insist that certain races have speaking privileges others don't. No issues in American society were ever resolved by not having a discussion)

2019-05-14 01:37:26 UTC  

- The American pharmaceutical industry, along with our education industry are the most corrupt in our society and legal actions taken towards them (more so the pharmaceutical industry) would result in a much more prosperous society and alleviate about 95% of the concerns the majority of Americans have.

2019-05-14 02:12:02 UTC  

-While on topic, college is a scam. Since the 80's the price of admission has tripled, and yet less and less instructors being hired on are actual, full-time professors. Most of that funding either goes straight into the administrator's back pocket, or into "student recreational activities" which in essence, only serve to attract more students to their college. But seeing as the workforce here in America is becoming more and more dependent on holding a degree to have even an ant's chance in frozen Hell of finding a fulfilling full-time career, they can continue to raise those prices indefinitely like the money-grubbing vermin they are.