Message from junker in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-08-01 19:18:30 UTC  

TBH id have no problems worth Her is she would stop yelling I'm a lesbian hear me roar

2017-08-01 19:18:35 UTC  

I am just moderating. If azzmador said it on a podcast maybe it did happen

2017-08-01 19:18:38 UTC  

Let the anti-fag sperging continue...

2017-08-01 19:18:43 UTC  

which would be gay as fuck

2017-08-01 19:18:49 UTC  

The dyke stopped responding @Aaron - VA 😦 the bullyciding got boring

2017-08-01 19:19:23 UTC  

@wyatt listen to third rail. He talks about it in the first 30 minutes

2017-08-01 19:19:31 UTC  

Thats why were taking the anger out on eachother. This is why we shouldnt allow degeneracy in this chat

2017-08-01 19:19:34 UTC  

He's lying then

2017-08-01 19:19:35 UTC  

when was it posted?

2017-08-01 19:19:38 UTC  

We're all so pumped up and ready that we sperg out on each other while we're waiting for the actual event.

2017-08-01 19:19:45 UTC  

Because there's literally a Daily Stormer role for users in this chat

2017-08-01 19:19:57 UTC  

He's pissed off he didn't secure a speaking slot

2017-08-01 19:20:18 UTC  

The fact there's a role in the chat isn't the same as being resprented in the event

2017-08-01 19:20:44 UTC  

I already explained that.

2017-08-01 19:20:56 UTC  

Next time DS should be more proactive if it wants a speaking role at an event.

2017-08-01 19:21:13 UTC  

Instead of demanding one after the list had been finalized and then sperging out when it doesnt happen

2017-08-01 19:21:23 UTC  

Hopefully they'll find a way to work Azzmador in.

2017-08-01 19:21:23 UTC  

So Kessler never had a conversation with Azzmador about giving him a speaking slot?

2017-08-01 19:21:53 UTC  

Perhaps he could be an alternate.

2017-08-01 19:21:55 UTC  

Yeah it's not impossible to allow a speaker in from the largest website in the movement

2017-08-01 19:21:56 UTC  

@AshBrighton - AL Kessler offered him a compromise.

2017-08-01 19:21:57 UTC  

Because the argument I've heard UNTIL this moment, was that he didn't fit the rules for optics

2017-08-01 19:22:48 UTC  

Azzmador was upset because it wasn't assumed he would have a spot. @MadDimension offered him an alternative and he turned it down. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2017-08-01 19:23:00 UTC  

I see

2017-08-01 19:23:04 UTC  

He explains it in the podcast. Sounds sour about it.

2017-08-01 19:23:04 UTC  

Is he still going to show up?

2017-08-01 19:23:11 UTC  


2017-08-01 19:23:13 UTC  


2017-08-01 19:23:16 UTC  

With the DS goys.

2017-08-01 19:24:17 UTC  

We do need to try and moderate the infighting .... being strong people we will always have some bit we have to remember in the long run we have the same goals.

2017-08-01 19:24:55 UTC  

Like 2 Irishmen where we can have a fist fight then sit back down next to each other and share drinks

2017-08-01 19:25:06 UTC  

Its just the internet. Most wouldn't have the balls to say any of this in person

2017-08-01 19:25:42 UTC  

Except the lesbian. She gets it irl too.

2017-08-01 19:25:50 UTC  


2017-08-01 19:26:04 UTC  

I don't think the dyke understands what's coming to her if she shows up

2017-08-01 19:26:42 UTC  

The thing is, I don't see any infighting. I see everyone mad at an obnoxious dyke and a few people concerned about a speaking role for an important person from Daily Stormer. I don't get how anyone is upset about that

2017-08-01 19:27:30 UTC  

@Fyodor it's not that he can't speak. It's that it's jason's event and he has parameters. You can not like them but it's his gig.

2017-08-01 19:27:31 UTC  

You're right. No infighting here, time to move on

2017-08-01 19:27:35 UTC  

@Fevs There's going to be so much masculinity and testosterone she's never seen from White men. She will get scared straight from the pheromones.

2017-08-01 19:27:43 UTC  


2017-08-01 19:27:51 UTC  

She'll smell all the testosterone and it'll turn her straight