Message from Freedom Fez in Pony Power #general-chat

2017-08-24 08:50:44 UTC  

Idk, and idc. If it makes your paranoid ass happy, we will delete the messages. I take it you're one of those guys who peek out of your window at night afraid of raids.

Fucking pussy

2017-08-24 08:51:11 UTC  

nah i just don't associate with dumbfucks who are a liability to others

2017-08-24 08:51:20 UTC  

and generally are either snitches or might as well be

2017-08-24 08:51:51 UTC  

Well not to mention that there were clowns who fucked up Mosin's protocol.

2017-08-24 08:51:54 UTC  

i will also trust weev's advice, as someone who's actually had first hand experience with this, over some random dude

2017-08-24 08:52:39 UTC  

Yeah, you're a pussy. It's no wonder whites got into this mess, a lot of them are scared to stand up and fight back.

2017-08-24 08:54:07 UTC  

yep, you're a fucking fed

2017-08-24 08:54:17 UTC  

i have no idea who you are actually

2017-08-24 08:54:25 UTC  

i've never seen you around other rooms

2017-08-24 08:55:47 UTC  

Oh yeah, im def a fed.

2017-08-24 08:55:55 UTC  

fed or dumbfuck

2017-08-24 08:56:12 UTC  

Got my degree in being a coward too.

2017-08-24 08:56:22 UTC  

"hey guys encrypt your shit but i will discuss violating federal law on an open network with near strangers" 🤔

2017-08-24 08:56:57 UTC  

"if you call me out on my irredeemably stupid actions i will accuse you of being a pussy, a typical snitch line"

2017-08-24 08:57:22 UTC  

Says the guy actually violating state laws about harassment, which is actually a form of cyber bullying, which is also a violation of the CFAA.

There, does that help you any?

2017-08-24 08:58:08 UTC  

i encourage @everyone to leave this server unless @Klaus Schmidt is banned

2017-08-24 08:58:10 UTC  

later guys

2017-08-24 09:01:18 UTC  

Nah, I will leave on my own. Pussies like you are what's holding back the white race. And which also reminds me too, you don't post either. I have seen 0 dox coming from you.

But that's ok, I don't seem to remember YOU doxxing the leader of antifa. You barely do anything on here.

@everyone I will be leaving the group since @nsjw is a wimp and a coward.

And just for the sake of the paranoid flat earthers out there, I delelted the postings because mr paranoid is afraid over discussion.

2017-08-24 14:32:41 UTC  

You're both being faggots tbh

2017-08-24 14:33:26 UTC  

Christ 😒

2017-08-24 16:21:01 UTC  

What the fuck did I miss?

2017-08-24 16:21:45 UTC

2017-08-24 16:23:58 UTC

2017-08-24 19:50:16 UTC  

Antifa recruiting on UCF campus

2017-08-25 12:06:08 UTC

2017-08-25 12:06:14 UTC  

Again, RIP

2017-08-26 22:10:44 UTC

2017-08-26 22:10:47 UTC  


2017-08-27 03:16:35 UTC  

O bummer apparently met with some antifa commies? I haven't looked super close at this yet but figured y'all might be interested.

2017-08-27 04:20:15 UTC  


2017-08-27 11:06:01 UTC  

@dopplar5 I am not surprised at all over king nigger's monkey shines.

2017-08-27 11:06:18 UTC  


2017-08-27 11:06:37 UTC  

Do you guys get in trouble with the law when you go to these protests?

2017-08-27 18:52:57 UTC  

Only if you're an idiot

2017-08-31 13:17:32 UTC  

Hey there.

2017-08-31 13:17:41 UTC  

Is this thread still active?

2017-08-31 13:27:16 UTC  


2017-08-31 13:57:45 UTC  
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2017-08-31 14:41:50 UTC  

This is my truck lol

2017-08-31 21:12:41 UTC