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2017-07-05 21:46:37 UTC [The Silver Guild #general]  

oh so this is where the good goys are

2017-08-17 21:09:32 UTC [Pony Power #faces-of-rainbow-ponies]  

2017-08-17 21:11:48 UTC [Pony Power #faces-of-rainbow-ponies]

2017-08-17 21:11:56 UTC [Pony Power #faces-of-rainbow-ponies]

Gerbil just pmed me about it


I'm digging for info but can't find much yet


2017-08-20 05:10:26 UTC [Pony Power #faces-of-rainbow-ponies]  

@Klaus Schmidt I think I found that guys fb

2017-08-20 05:10:42 UTC [Pony Power #faces-of-rainbow-ponies]

2017-08-20 05:11:14 UTC [Pony Power #faces-of-rainbow-ponies]  

Ok. Just checking

2017-08-23 19:44:18 UTC [The Silver Guild #general]  

If anyone needs help with resumes or just tips about that stuff let me know.

2017-08-23 19:44:42 UTC [The Silver Guild #general]  

Not sure if this is the best place to put it but oh well.

2017-08-27 03:16:35 UTC [Pony Power #general-chat]  

O bummer apparently met with some antifa commies? I haven't looked super close at this yet but figured y'all might be interested.

2017-12-20 18:58:29 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  


2017-12-20 19:00:47 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Buy bitcoin

2017-12-21 03:26:58 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Was the National socialist movement in Germany socialist?

2017-12-21 03:29:47 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

I have, but recently I've seen various Marxist socialists and anarchists argue that Germany's version of non Marxist socialism wasn't socialism at all.

2017-12-21 03:29:58 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Just trying to understand

2017-12-21 03:33:17 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

The funny thing is, the communists say the movement was inherently capitalist, and the capitalists say we are socialists and the socialists say we are Capitalists or the reverse of communism and nothing more

2017-12-21 03:33:39 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

None of them can give me a straight answer

2017-12-21 03:35:33 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Such as the nationalization of certain industries critical to the nation of people?

2017-12-21 03:35:40 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  


2017-12-21 03:37:06 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Or the water systems

2017-12-21 03:37:25 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Ahh ok

2017-12-21 03:37:52 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

What's the difference?

2017-12-21 03:38:16 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

No bulli I'm new

2017-12-21 03:38:33 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

How so?

2017-12-21 03:40:14 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

So is there any possibility for free enterprise and the National good to come into conflict?

2017-12-21 03:43:11 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Right it puts profit over people

2017-12-21 03:44:22 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

The Bad Dragon Jew strikes again

2017-12-21 03:45:10 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Insider trading

2017-12-21 03:45:43 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Importation at the expense of the nation

2017-12-21 03:46:32 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

How is it then we can dictate economic morality?

2017-12-21 03:47:05 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Usery, land speculation, etc

2017-12-21 03:47:47 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Muh church and state

2017-12-21 03:48:28 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Is this movement reactionary?

2017-12-21 03:49:08 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  


2017-12-21 03:49:48 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Doesn't reactionary though imply a return to something?

2017-12-21 03:50:14 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

What we want has never been achieved in the US

2017-12-21 03:51:14 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

So the argument that we are reactionaries is invalid?

2017-12-21 03:54:23 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Fevs I believe.

2017-12-21 03:54:34 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Sorry I'm new

2017-12-21 23:24:39 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

I remember when I was in south Carolina in the woods and I ate this berry that looked like a blueberry. Gave me the shits for days...

2017-12-21 23:25:38 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Any idea what it could have been?

2017-12-25 20:00:11 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

What's the difference between Marxist socialism and non Marxist socialism?

2017-12-25 20:02:07 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

How so?

2017-12-25 20:05:52 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Really activities the almonds

2017-12-25 20:08:20 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

It's been hard to understand as Marxist socialists claim we are not socialist. Capitalists say we are not free enterprise and communists say we are not communist but socialist and it keeps circling around forever

2017-12-25 20:09:18 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

None of our adversaries agree on what we are between each other

2017-12-25 20:52:14 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Tfw I got 60 sheckles and some kickass candle holders

2017-12-27 04:00:05 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

How is it we plan to gain mass appeal to the average voter in America?

2017-12-27 04:04:43 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  


2017-12-27 04:08:19 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

How do you feel about state's rights?

2017-12-27 04:10:59 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Do you feel that might cause issues with southern supporters?

2017-12-27 04:14:34 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

How do you feel about the JQ and how do we handle America's elitist Jewery?

2017-12-27 04:16:21 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Why don't we get rid of Israel entirely?

2017-12-27 04:18:40 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Is it possible then for Jews to join the movement or do they need their own similar movement?

2017-12-27 04:22:49 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

What are your thoughts on Christian Fascism like Codreanu's Iron Guard?

2017-12-27 04:30:05 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

And where can I find a t-shirt with his face on it? Can we make Codreanu the right-wing Che Guevara?

2017-12-27 04:35:33 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  


2017-12-27 04:41:56 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

What's your opinion on Syndicalism

2017-12-27 04:43:57 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Does the party prescribe to any particular economic theory?

2017-12-27 04:45:57 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Why did Hitler purge the strasserists?

2017-12-27 05:15:28 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Is it really feasible to attract enough new members from the normieverse to actually gain political power? Won't the masses always view us as violent radicals?

2017-12-27 21:38:07 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Has there been any talks about uniforms and crisis response teams for the community? Something to appear more uniform and professional?

2017-12-27 21:40:28 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

I've just seen positive reactions when the Golden Dawn has done similar things

2017-12-27 21:41:51 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Do we lack manpower, administration, organization, funds or all of the above?

2017-12-27 21:42:24 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Ahh ok

2017-12-27 21:42:47 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

These court cases don't help either

2017-12-27 21:44:08 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Has anyone interviewed the GD on how they set up such programs initially in the midst of their economic crisis?

2017-12-27 21:47:28 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Sorry for so many questions I'm new and I have a lot haha

2017-12-27 22:05:00 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

What if you could have a Hitler portrait signed by Jesus?

2017-12-27 22:07:24 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Speak softly

2017-12-29 22:58:36 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Redpill me on overpopulation

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