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2017-07-05 22:55:11 UTC  

Birmingham is more fucking cucked than Montgomery. Can't wait for the Alabama Klan or the League of the South to fucking topple the city of Birmingham

2017-07-05 22:56:57 UTC

2017-07-05 22:57:11 UTC  

>room temperature IQs
My fucking sides

2017-07-05 23:02:52 UTC  

Any Florida journalists to dox? I think we should break these down and assign state leaders the responsibility

2017-07-05 23:07:18 UTC  

We need to get Rick Kriseman he's a fag loving nigger lover

2017-07-05 23:17:19 UTC  

Pushing his gay and nigger agenda as hard as he can

2017-07-05 23:18:34 UTC

2017-07-05 23:45:07 UTC  

Hey. Is it illegal to post the CNN doxx info on social media? What could be held against me?

2017-07-05 23:45:31 UTC  

I have a lot of groups and followers on IG that would love it but not trying to get involved legally

2017-07-05 23:46:32 UTC  

Doxxing isn't illegal it's public information as long as it's obtained legally

2017-07-05 23:48:06 UTC  

So under that pretext you can pretty much post as much as you want as long as you don't "use any specific words " if you get my drift

2017-07-05 23:49:46 UTC  

"Just posting public information of people who work for CNN bye"

2017-07-05 23:50:06 UTC  

There you go

2017-07-05 23:50:30 UTC  

That's good and non inflammatory or anything

2017-07-06 00:11:20 UTC  

oy vey

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2017-07-06 00:16:45 UTC  

This is an unprecedented level of irony.

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2017-07-06 00:37:53 UTC  

<@&327464792707301388> join this discord

2017-07-06 00:39:37 UTC  

Join that discord to bullydide cnn

2017-07-06 00:39:46 UTC  

And their sponsors

2017-07-06 01:31:27 UTC  

evening all

2017-07-06 01:32:50 UTC  

The most gayest shit u will ever see

2017-07-06 02:23:59 UTC
The font, the laurels, this is cultural appropriation 😤

2017-07-06 02:24:47 UTC  

Antifa is so boring

2017-07-06 02:25:42 UTC  

Leftists used to be a whole lot more interesting when they didn't have to pick between 69 different SJW causes.

2017-07-06 02:26:17 UTC  

Just no war but class war, let's fuck some shit up.

2017-07-06 02:26:24 UTC
This is redundant. You don't need the rainbow to make an Antifa flag gay

2017-07-06 02:26:48 UTC  

Now you have to have rainbow committees and all this dumb shit.

2017-07-06 02:26:54 UTC  

@Tedium don't go Commie on us 😤

2017-07-06 02:27:37 UTC  

I left that shit behind in high school

2017-07-06 02:27:56 UTC  

lol you don't have to worry.

2017-07-06 02:29:07 UTC  

But seriously, did you know that it's considered good form to snap instead of clap because you might offend someone who's "differently able"?

2017-07-06 02:29:36 UTC  

Shit blows my mind.

2017-07-06 02:29:56 UTC  

How fucking queer.

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2017-07-06 02:30:55 UTC  

Their redneck commie friends are quite interesting