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Jews r gay

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Personal attacks don't become us. If you have an argument, make it. If the argument can't stand against reasoning, that's the end of it. No reason for insults.

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so i know this guy. He swears HE isn't gay but his boyfriend is

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ill just go with the old school LOL

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I have no issue with laws against homosexuality. My issue is with the conclusion that all Jews are gays.

That's just absurd. How could they still exist? They would have died out due to not breeding.

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They all look the same when they come out of the oven to me

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@Riefen Jews might not all be homos, but they're all gay

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I think FairUSE's point is that the Jewish order is one of homosexulity. It's goal is the preservation of such an order.

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You're the only one saying "all Jews are gay."

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Direct quote

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"The International (gay) Jew"

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Once upon a time, a bunch of faggots got together in a big, gay orgy. "These God-lovers keep on persecuting us. What are we gonna do, boss." And then the super, mega, ultra-gay dude said, "Put that back in your mouth. We'll tell them God loves fags more than anyone else in the world."

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you know who's really gay? the blacks.

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When I asked if you meant some Jews weren't homosexual, the question was avoided and turned to "oh, you're defending anal sex right"

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Jew. Black. Six of one. Half a dozen of the other.

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Leading me to believe the answer was no

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No correction was made until after I pulled out statistics

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And the entire argument had already fallen apart

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I said what I said. I don't need to defend it.

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there is actually a passage in the talmud that says sex with a boy under a certain age is acceptable

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Except you do, because the statistical evidence you used was fabricated

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@FairUse WA Are Blacks the real Israelites?

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@Thomas Ryan yes, and the gooks are the real Edomites

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Wuz they kangz? I doubt it. Vikings, more likely.

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Nordic Paganism is the one true religion of Africa.

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Those guys are crazy

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deez crackahs ain't mourning ovah dere in our mothaland!

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@Riefen I don't think the claims you're picking apart are the claims that were made. They've been tangled up in confusion, so please don't ask me to go scroll up and unravel the confusion. Just start the convo over.

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or on another day

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Fun fact, saw some Black Iz-rael-aights in Houston shortly after our rally there. @Azzmador

2017-07-14 03:25:19 UTC  

Still sad I haven't gotten to meet any black israelities in NYC yet

2017-07-14 03:25:26 UTC  

That's like their homebase

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when the jews regret letting the niggers loose