Message from Blue Lady TX~WD in Southern Front #general

2017-05-27 22:46:30 UTC  

Someone fill me in on the vandals and the goylers real quick

2017-05-27 22:47:04 UTC  

The goylers is the alt right group in Houston

2017-05-27 22:47:19 UTC  

It's one of the first and well known alt right groups

2017-05-27 22:49:25 UTC  

Oh vandals are associated with the war room

2017-05-27 22:49:31 UTC  

I think so

2017-05-27 22:49:44 UTC  

Nick or Alex can give more info about them

2017-05-27 22:50:14 UTC  

It's cool, I don't need a detailed history

2017-05-27 22:50:25 UTC  

Just had no idea who the hell they were

2017-05-27 23:01:42 UTC  

Fashoslav is coming tomorrow and he is on the War Room fairly regularly. I'm assuming you've heard of Goy Orbison and Wooderson.

2017-05-27 23:04:28 UTC  


2017-05-27 23:05:24 UTC  

There are just a lot of allied groups that I don't know

2017-05-27 23:07:17 UTC  

Yea everyone in the WN sphere is generally moving in the same direction. Which is exciting because this has never been the case.

2017-05-27 23:40:24 UTC  

@RCO Nick-TX most people are going in the same direction, if you take away the whole Christian v. Pagan/Golden One v. Varg argument

2017-05-27 23:46:08 UTC  

Won't be in the meeting

2017-05-27 23:46:12 UTC  

Varg is retarded imo

2017-05-27 23:46:15 UTC  

I'll be listening

2017-05-27 23:46:18 UTC  

But probably not talking

2017-05-27 23:46:30 UTC  

Eating with the folks and taking a shower

2017-05-27 23:47:18 UTC  

I probably poster later tonight

2017-05-27 23:48:07 UTC  

"The police is hopefully looking into this."

2017-05-27 23:48:16 UTC  


2017-05-27 23:58:56 UTC  

It's a small county

2017-05-27 23:59:05 UTC  

Smaller than the one I did last night

2017-05-27 23:59:34 UTC  

Second smallest county in Texas

2017-05-28 00:00:03 UTC  

@everyone national chat beginning

2017-05-28 00:00:39 UTC  

Can I get the link to the national server? I only have the regional one

2017-05-28 01:17:01 UTC  

Anything new

2017-05-28 01:27:08 UTC

2017-05-28 01:27:16 UTC

2017-05-28 01:27:19 UTC

2017-05-28 01:29:12 UTC  

Ok so I bought my first ar about a year ago. I've seen a lot of different guides on cleaning and no one does it the same it seems like. Anyone have a military guide or a vid that shows a military grade cleaning?

2017-05-28 02:01:33 UTC  

@Phillip-TX scrub the shit out of it. Nick should be able to show you

2017-05-28 02:38:17 UTC  

Supposedly police are finger printing our posters and looking at security camera footage

2017-05-28 02:38:41 UTC  


2017-05-28 02:38:44 UTC  

It's not illegal

2017-05-28 02:39:16 UTC  

Exactly, I'm thinking they said that just to end her autistic screeching