Message from SonderSchutz TX in Southern Front #general

2017-06-11 05:26:28 UTC  

They were good guys, I just dont like the subversion tactics

2017-06-11 05:26:39 UTC  

I'm talking about the person getting choked

2017-06-11 05:26:41 UTC  

The guy getting choked was with us, noy a member

2017-06-11 05:26:54 UTC  

Does that make it better?

2017-06-11 05:26:57 UTC  

Hes working closely with us, Austin guy, plans events, reckless

2017-06-11 05:27:10 UTC  

The person that's choking him

2017-06-11 05:27:15 UTC  

What group?

2017-06-11 05:27:21 UTC  

The random spic? Who knows.

2017-06-11 05:27:42 UTC  

The people around him?

2017-06-11 05:27:47 UTC  

He might just be a patriotard with This Is Texas that showed up from the FB group.

2017-06-11 05:27:57 UTC  

^^^ Thats what Im assuming

2017-06-11 05:27:58 UTC  

Oh so it's them

2017-06-11 05:28:12 UTC  

The FB group is run by a felon and they organized it. No official membership, however.

2017-06-11 05:28:19 UTC  

Park is a public space.

2017-06-11 05:28:30 UTC  

I just want to know who I'm going to black bag until I find that fuck

2017-06-11 05:28:59 UTC  

In a hypothetical self defense situation of course

2017-06-11 05:29:24 UTC  

Yeah probably a patriotard with This Is Texas

2017-06-11 05:29:45 UTC  

Im sure theyd be happy to confirm it for us

2017-06-11 05:43:58 UTC  

Anyone remember hearing: "Youre a shame to the southern race"

2017-06-11 05:45:41 UTC

2017-06-11 05:52:15 UTC

2017-06-11 05:52:15 UTC  


2017-06-11 06:03:53 UTC

2017-06-11 06:04:16 UTC  

17 friends

2017-06-11 06:04:41 UTC  

Yeah thats the guy that was with us

2017-06-11 06:04:42 UTC  

Seems like that profile is solely for politics

2017-06-11 06:04:57 UTC  

That's the guy that did the attacking, right?

2017-06-11 06:05:04 UTC  

No he got attacked

2017-06-11 06:05:28 UTC  

Why is he saying he was choking somebody out?

2017-06-11 06:05:40 UTC  

I'm misunderstanding I think.

2017-06-11 06:05:54 UTC  

Whoa I've got a mutual friend with him

2017-06-11 06:06:38 UTC

2017-06-11 06:06:39 UTC

2017-06-11 06:07:00 UTC  

Ohhh, he's saying he was choked out because he was wearing that flag?

2017-06-11 06:07:10 UTC  

That's my gf's dog, I didn't mean to send it but I'm not gonna delete it

2017-06-11 06:07:29 UTC  

Did you draw those eyebrows or Photoshop them?

2017-06-11 06:07:44 UTC  

Because he had it in general, idk if he was wearing it. She drew the eyebrows I think

2017-06-11 06:08:18 UTC  

@Riefen yes because if the flag and he was asking them why they are so cucked lol

2017-06-11 06:08:59 UTC  

Okay, so in the photo he's the guy getting choked out? And we need the guy choking him, right?